Easy DIY Frozen Summer Treats For Your Dog

Do you enjoy being outside on a sunny day? The sun brings the urge to sit back, relax, and take it easy. It is great to feel the warmth of the sun and stretch out for a nap. Dogs feel the same as most people about taking time out to enjoy a lazy day in the sun. The sun is one of nature’s sources of “feel good” energy when it is not too hot. Just the right amount of the sun’s rays and the right length of time will be beneficial to you and your dog.

Sunshine in the right doses offers more than just that warm fuzzy feeling.

In one of our previous posts, we have already covered the importance of the proper electrolyte intake and the subject of proper hydration. Without enough electrolytes from healthy sources, your dog could continue to experience dehydration symptoms such as reduced energy levels, lethargy, or excessive panting. Switching to natural mineral water and the Blue Electrolyte Bites Recipe were our most efficient, tried-and-true solutions to your puppy's dehydration issues.

Now, it is time for us to expand on the subject and bring more yummy recipes to the table! Summer is the season of fruits, which is why we have collected some DIY frozen treat recipes that will make your dog's excitement levels go sky-high! Homemade frozen dog treats are easy to prepare, require few ingredients, and provide an excellent source of fiber, protein, electrolytes and other nutrients. Let's dive deeper into today's subject and discover some yummy frozen dog treat recipes together.

Frozen Fruits and Veggies

You can't share your Fudgsicle with your dog, but there are plenty of other desserts you can both enjoy.Aside from keeping your dog properly hydrated, these treats can serve as distractions, keeping your dog occupied and entertained. You can create larger frozen treats or use small ice cube trays, depending on your preference. Let's explore some fruit and veggie frozen dog treats together:

#1: Frozen Blueberries

Rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins, blueberries lend a strong helping hand in supporting the dog's immune system and overall health. All you have to do is freeze the blueberries, and, voilà, the frozen treat is ready!

#2: Frozen Banana Bites

Be careful, you might want to have a go at this treat yourself! Start by coating the banana slices in peanut butter (all natural nut butters preferred. Check ingredients for xylitol) , and then add shredded coconut as a topping. Let the treats freeze for several hours, and share with your puppy, whose body will enjoy all the potassium, fiber, and vitamins contained in the bananas. Furthermore, this treat is low in sodium and cholesterol, perfect for a healthy heart and kidneys. However, moderation is vital since too many banana treats equal weight intake for your dog.

#3: Frozen Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Dog Treats

We recently went through the strawberry season, and you might have some of this healthy fruit in your kitchen or garden.Put them together with bananas, whole milk yogurt, and local honeyin a blender, and then freeze them into smoothie bites. Your puppy will always say "yes" to this fiber and vitamin C-rich frozen treat recipe. Furthermore, strawberries contain enzymes that keep your dog's teeth pearly white. Still, strawberries too are rich in sugar, which is why feeding them in moderation is paramount.

#4: Watermelon Frozen Dog Treats

Watermelon is rich in potassium and vitamin C, and it's also a great source of vitamins A and B6. According to Wendy Volhard, it's also high in fiber, which can aid healthy digestion, it improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.Looking for a nice kidney cleanse- watermelon is the go-to!

For this frozen dog treat, use a blender to puree 2 cups of watermelon (ensure that you remove the seeds beforehand), 1 cup of coconut milk, and ¼ of local honey, and then freeze for a few hours. When ready, these frozen treats will solve your dog's hydration issues, flush the kidneys, and ameliorate its digestion!

#5: Carrots and Celery Frozen Treats

Aside from fruits, veggies make excellent frozen treats for the summer, and carrots and celery deserve to make the top of the list. Together, carrots and celery provide a consistent source of vitamins A, B, and C, together with fiber, beta-carotene, and other nutrients that are essential for your dog's overall health. On top of that, carrots and celery amount to healthier teeth and a fresh breath!

To turn them into treats, puree the ingredients in a blender and then freeze them in ice cube trays or molds. You can let your imagination run wild and come up with different shapes, such as hearts, as your puppy has enjoyed for Valentine's Day!

#6: Add Coconut Oil to Treats

As an enhancer for your treats, coconut oil is a top-notch solution. Coconut oil will boost your dog's skin health and make your dog's coat shine, too, all while ameliorating digestive issues! Furthermore, coconut oil is rich in vitamins and beneficial fatty acids, ideal for boosting the immune system and preventing infections. Make sure that you check out our Volhard Coconut Oil product and add it to your dog's frozen treats!

Tips for Properly Feeding Frozen Treats to Your Dog

With such a wide selection of summer frozen treats, your dog will unquestionably enjoy the warm summer days without any dehydration danger! Depending on your dog's size and appetite, you can create large treats or freeze them in small cubes. The latter approach is fantastic for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, where space saving is essential. Furthermore, when at home, make sure that you feed the treats to your dog outside, lest you want the treats to thaw on your floor.


We cannot wait for you to try these frozen treat recipes and share the results with your puppy! Proper hydration is summer's rule of thumb for anyone, and your dog deserves to enjoy healthy, rich-in-nutrients treats that will keep his electrolyte levels balanced. Feel free to contact us or check out our blog for more helpful tips on proper hydration!