Adored Beast The Wolf 2oz

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The Wolf | Species Appropriate Probiotic

ROOTS - A New Branch of Adored Beast Apothecary

Adored Beast Roots' The Wolf is a specialized probiotic supplement designed to enhance your dog's well-being. It supports digestive health, boosts the immune system, and aids in nutrient absorption. With a unique blend of beneficial bacteria inspired by wild wolves and the added immune-boosting properties of Turkey Tail Mushrooms, The Wolf ensures your dog receives maximum nutritional benefits. 


- Reduces inflammation
- Balances the immune system
- Supports intestinal microbiome health
- Strengthens the intestinal barrier of the gut
- Increases the production of short chain fatty acids
- Defends against pathogenic bacteria


The gut of a wolf has not been domesticated, urbanized, or subjected to the kinds of destructive factors that a dog’s gut has been subjected to, therefore they have maintained historical bacterial diversity that no longer exists in our canine companions.

Adored Beast The Wolf 2oz Ingredients

Wolf Strains: 3 probiotic lupine strains derived from wolf feces. The first and only ancestral lupine probiotics on the market. Genetically unique, these strains provide bacterial diversity which is proven to benefit the microbiome, defending against pathogenic bacteria and modulating the immune system. Proven through research to survive and thrive in a dog’s gut.


Turkey Tail Mushrooms: The Turkey Tail mushroom is, to date, the first medicinal mushroom that the FDA has funded for research in the fight against various types of cancer. Research shows that turkey tail mushrooms can help slow the spread of cancer cells, and when used in tandem with other traditional cancer treatments, improves survival rates. It also benefits the gut microbiome by acting as a prebiotic and promoting diversity in the gut, which is the primary role it plays in this formula.

Full List of Ingredients:

- Distilled Water
- Organic Glycerin
- Triple Extracted and Ethically Wildcrafted Turkey Tail Mushrooms
- Multi Strain Wolf Species Specific Patented Probiotics (15 Billion CFU/serving)

- Ancestral Lupine Probiotic Strains
    • Limosilactobacillus Reuteri
    • Levilactobacillus Brevis
    • Enterococcus Faecium

Build a Bowl

Every dog is special. But it’s not just their personality. Every dog has unique nutrition needs based on their breed, size, shape, activity level and many other factors. The best way to help your dog be the best version of themselves is to build a healthy, balanced bowl that’s a combination of grains, vegetables, proteins, hydrators and supplements that are specific to your pet.


When you build a bowl here at Volhard, you will start with the choice of foundation mix. For better planning, it’s helpful to think about the dog you plan to feed and their issues first. This is where you can determine the "personality" of your bowl.


Build-a-Bowl is a fun way to find out what the nutritional value is in a bowl of Volhard! Then you will be asked to add a protein for a delectable super-powered meal for your dog!


Give the full recommended amount once a day. Shake well and put into your pet’s mouth or add to food. Refrigerate after opening.


All Dogs

1 drop for every 2 lbs of body weight daily


Serving size = 1 drop
1 drop = 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs)
1 drop = 10 mg

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