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Natural Diet Foundation 2 (NDF2) is hands down the best available dehydrated all-natural diet that allows dog owners to add their own protein (cooked or raw), making protein rotation easy and flexible. This diet (once protein is added) provides your dog with a fresh, healthy, and balanced meal every time they eat. 

NDF2 supports the liver, kidney, heart, lungs, stomach, and digestive tract with the included  freeze-dried USDA inspected organ meat (liver), vegetables, purposefully chosen grains, various supportive herbs, and other functional foods. Raw feeding has never been simpler!

All Volhard diets and supplements have been formulated under the guidance of a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist. All diets are formulated to not just meet, but exceed, the daily requirements.

This diet has the quality you can see and smell the moment you open the bag and serve this up.  Watch your dog lick the bowl clean following this delicious meal! Made with human-edible food-grade ingredients that are non-GMO, organic, preservative-free, and sourced in the USA.


NDF2 Chicken Liver Ingredients

Oatmeal, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ, Chicken Liver, Calcium Phosphate, Brewer’s Yeast, Safflower Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Apples, Buckwheat Flour, Molasses, Eggs, Buckwheat Groats, Cod Liver Oil, Kelp, Alfalfa, Parsley, Carrots, Diatomaceous Earth, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Apple Cider Vinegar, Citric Acid, Rosemary, Garlic, Vitamin E, Montmorillonite Clay, Ginger, Choline Chloride, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Guava Extract, Basil Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Lactobacillus casei Fermentation Product, Bifidobacterium thermophilum Fermentation Product, Enterococcus faecium Fermentation Product, Bifidobacterium longum Fermentation Product, Rosemary Extract, Mixed Tocopherols, Organic Selenium Yeast, Yucca.

Build a Bowl

Every dog is special. But it’s not just their personality. Every dog has unique nutrition needs based on their breed, size, shape, activity level and many other factors. The best way to help your dog be the best version of themselves is to build a healthy, balanced bowl that’s a combination of grains, vegetables, proteins, hydrators and supplements that are specific to your pet.


When you build a bowl here at Volhard, you will start with the choice of foundation mix. For better planning, it’s helpful to think about the dog you plan to feed and their issues first. This is where you can determine the "personality" of your bowl.


Build-a-Bowl is a fun way to find out what the nutritional value is in a bowl of Volhard! Then you will be asked to add a protein for a delectable super-powered meal for your dog!

Title of the document BUILD YOUR BOWL NOW

Feeding Guide Are Per Day




DAYS 1-5 : NDF2, raw or lightly cooked meat (80/20 beef recommended), and water

DAY 6 : Use an alternative protein source such as mackerel, salmon, greek yogurt, cottage cheese or sardines in water

DAY 7 - half day fast : Rest from food to cleanse the digestive system. Puppies and senior dogs should not be fasted

Puppy Feeding Guidelines


NDF2 can be stored unopened in a cool dry place for up to 1 year. After opening,

NDF2 must be stored in the fridge or freezer and is good for 6 months after opening.

The Transition

Add a small amount of NDF2 and meat to the kibble you are feeding your dog now and mix with water. As the week progresses, gradually increase the amount of NDF2, meat, and water, at the same decreasing the kibble by a corresponding amount, until you have phased out the kibble. (If you are feeding the same meat protein for six days, you may want to feed another protein - canned mackerel or cottage cheese - on the seventh day.) At the end of the transition period, weigh your dog. Weigh them again after four weeks. Increase or decrease the amount you feed accordingly.


Recommended Protein: 80/20 beef.

53 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Sandra on Sep 8th 2023

    My Labradors do so well on Volhard. Very thankful I switched to this food!!

  • 5

    Posted by Kenny Vieth on Aug 15th 2023

    This is my second German Shepherd. The first was constantly plagued with hot spots and I tried various diets to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, I never succeeded and when I adopted my current dog almost immediately the puppy developed hotspots. Fortunately, this happened while I was doing obedience training and the instructor suggested I try Volhard. That was about 7 years ago and she’s never had a problem since going on NDF2. Yes, it is expensive but, when I think back on how miserable my first Shep was I only wish I had heard of Volhard sooner.

  • 5
    NDF 2

    Posted by ANGIE LOMBARDI on Apr 7th 2023


  • 4

    Posted by Bonnie Kusel on Mar 29th 2023

    I've been feeding my very overweight Lab diet food from the vet for almost 3 years. She went from 119 to 106 the first year, then finally down to 99 the second year, and back up to 106. I finally said enough...! It wasn't working and we were both sick of it! I found Volhard through a friend, and it's taken my Lab about a month to get used to it. I also give her raw, grass fed beef from a rancher nearby. I have high hopes that she will begin to lose weight, but overall, I just feel so happy about finding HEALTHY food for her!!

  • 5
    Would recommend

    Posted by mindy spar on Mar 24th 2023

    Our Bullmastiff puppy loves Volhard with her beef. It's so easy to use! Just add hot water and then mix the meat!!!!

  • 5
    Chicken formula

    Posted by Gayle Stinefast on Feb 14th 2023

    Have given beef formula to our girl and she loved it. Decided to try chicken formula which she loves also. Will continue to feed her this diet

  • 5
    NDF2 chicken

    Posted by Staci Amy on Feb 3rd 2023

    FANTASTIC! Transitioned over with zero problems for our 10 year old westie and 6 month old Labrador puppy! So easy to mix and the dogs LOVE it! Feels so great to know we are giving our dogs the best nutrition and setting them up for such a great life! Thank you!

  • 5

    Posted by Lindsay on Jan 11th 2023

    I have a geriatric Labrador with beginning liver disease. She has become increasingly fussy with what she eats, oftentimes missing breakfast and just not wanting to eat much. I have been chasing different kibbles, toppers, etc and she will be uninterested in a couple of days. I have wanted to try this but never made the jump. I am so glad that I finally did. She is perkier, interested in eating, and actually licks her bowl clean! I could cry with happiness, as it is hard to watch your friend of 13 years worsen by the day. Thank you Volhard, she and the rest of my crew will be on this for the rest of their lives.

  • 5
    Natural Diet Foundation 2

    Posted by Renee Miller on Nov 7th 2022

    We have two picky pitties. Our oldest is 13 and has mild renal failure. The vet prescribed the K/D Diet from Hill’s Science Diet. He hated it. Seeing him not eat made our 4 yr. old pitty also refuse to eat. I went to a raw diet which I can control the protein amounts. With chatting with the veterinarian nutritionist at Volhard we now have a diet that both dogs love. They are both athletes and they have more energy than ever. Our 13 yr old was experiencing arthritis and this has even gone away. Their weight is perfect and we could not be happier with this food!! I also make a green superfood containing fruits and vegetables that I also add to the food.

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