Why is a Dog Food Diet with Raw Ingredients Better for my Dog?

Raw ingredients in your dog’s food is healthier than any ingredients found in canned or dry/kibble type foods. Any time you have cooked ingredients, the process of cooking destroys the food’s nutrition. Heat is the destroyer of important living digestive enzymes, oils, vitamins and minerals along with Omega-3s and other important nutrients. Once these micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, living enzymes, antioxidants and flavonoids are destroyed, they simply cannot be replaced (not with additives and not with supplements).

The living enzymes referenced are proteins found in raw foods which help the dog’s body function. Enzymes are only beneficial to the body if they are living. Once food is cooked or processed, it no longer contains living enzymes. Foods without living enzymes put stress on the pancreas to produce the necessary proteins to function. Living Enzymes in a raw diet restore, repair, and maintain health. Animals replenish their enzymes systems by eating raw unprocessed foods.

This is why dogs begin to slow down and develop chronic diseases around 6-8 years of age. The dog’s bodies have run out of their natural stores of digestive enzymes and without these, they have to work harder to digest the food they eat. At Volhard Dog Nutrition, our vegetables and fruits are all farm fresh, non GMO and only sourced from the USA and are natural sources of enzymes, vitamins, minerals. The way they are processed, using cold dehydration, the micronutrients are concentrated into the foundation mix making that mix more bioavailable than any food with an added synthetic vitamin pack.

There are immediate benefits to feeding a raw diet ( the Volhard Diet specifically) and some of those are:

Healthy Skin & Coat

This is one of the first changes you will notice when you start feeding the Volhard diet. If you have been dealing with persistent skin issues, itching, chewing of feet, and red ears, once you switch to the Volhard diet suddenly these issues disappear or at the very least improve. This immediately saves you money because you no longer need vet visits, medicated shampoos, antibiotics, cortisone shots and cortisone tablets to control the outbreaks. Sometimes these symptoms appear to be ingredient sensitivities, however when you switch to the Volhard diet, it becomes quickly apparent that it was a nutritional deficiency and not a true allergy. What you have now is a dog with a rich, thick and very shiny healthy coat.

Healthy Teeth & Breath

A short time after feeding the Volhard Diet, your pet will have no issues with periodontal disease, much-improved breath and white healthy teeth. This saves you money because you will minimize having to visit the vet for dental issues and cleanings.

Enhanced Digestion & Absorption of Nutrients

Remember living enzymes break down and utilize food to maximize the digestive system’s effectiveness. Probiotics help to diversify the guts microbiome. If your dog was experiencing stomach bloating, gurgle sounds and digestive issues, these will no longer occur. The dog’s poop will be much less and no foul odor and they drink less water during the day because all their meals are hydrated. For dogs who have issues staying hydrated, you no longer have to worry. Reduced stool volume and odor is a sign of an improved and healthy digestion cycle. Odorous stools are a result of improper or incomplete digestion of nutrients.

A Healthy Immune System

The Volhard diets are fresh, healthy and balanced thus providing the optimum environment for the immune system to function normally. The Volhard diet brings a system out of balance back into balance through nutrition. This strengthens the immune system while at the same time reduces inflammatory conditions and infections.

Degenerative Disease

Pet owners that switch their older pets to the AM/PM diet usually find that whatever degenerative disease their pet is fighting becomes less of a problem. The AM/PM diet is the original NDF recipe that offers the most flexibility in the choice of protein and vegetable. The fact that certain ingredients are separated from each other when the dog eats them allows the dog to process the food easier. This simple change in the feeding schedule, has reversed many aggravating degenerative conditions and has given relief to a variety of diseases. One has to only review the various testimonials to see the dramatic changes that a biologically appropriate diet can make.

Healthy, Lean Body Mass

One of the greatest benefits from feeding the Volhard diet is the loss of unwanted fat and an increase in muscle mass. The outcome of this body change is that your dog looks better, they feel better which leads to increased activity and energy levels, and ultimately provides them with a longer healthier life. Combined with a healthy, active lifestyle of exercise your dog will thrive not just survive!

Volhard’s supplements are made from purposefully chosen superfoods that provide a nutritional boost when given with the food, and they work by increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients found in the food, making our food the most easily digested and nutrient-available dehydrated raw food on the market. Our products are unique because you have the flexibility to add the protein you desire and not have to take what comes in the food or switch foods because your dog is bored or can no longer tolerate that protein type. By providing the highest quality ingredients and leaving them the way they are, we provide optimal nutrition and health for your pet. Learn more here: www.volharddognutrition.com