Have you ever taken the time to think about what your dog is eating? Sure, dog food is readily available and even table scraps might do in a pinch, but are these enough to provide the nutrition your pet needs? If you want to ensure they’re eating right, perhaps you should consider a raw diet for your dog.

 A raw diet for dogs? What’s that about?

This kind of diet for your pet is exactly what it says it is: raw food. It mostly consists of uncooked meat, organ meats (like liver and kidney), raw eggs, vegetables, fruit and a little dairy.

Since dogs are obviously not the same as humans, it makes sense that their dietary needs are different as well. Some breeds even require extra amounts of certain nutrients in their meals and a raw diet can provide that.

Why should I give my dog a raw diet? Aren’t table scraps and regular dog food good enough?

Humans need to cook food so that it can be processed in our digestive system. But because the pH level in a dog’s stomach is much lower (i.e. more acidic) than that of a human, they’re able to break down raw meat.

And unlike highly-processed dog food, it’s a lot closer to the diet of animals in the wild. This means it’s actually better suited for your dog’s body which can lead to the following:

  • Healthier teeth and fresher breath
  • Less stomach irritation (as they’re eating foods they were designed to)
  • Less flatulence and firmer stools
  • Improved energy levels

Is there anything to worry about a raw diet for my dog?

Cooking food helps to get rid of bacteria so some people worry about feeding their dog raw ingredients. However, bacteria isn’t as big a problem for dogs as it is for humans since their bodies are made to handle raw food and the things that come along with it.

Another thing is that a raw diet for dogs can be tough to get right if you don’t know the basics of dog nutrition. Dogs need a whole range of vitamins and minerals, some of which may not be found in meat from the supermarket.

Do I just feed my dog raw meat? Or is there a better alternative?

Instead of only relying on raw meat bought from the supermarket and preparing it yourself, a better way is to add in specially prepared raw dog food. They’re made with the needs of your pet in mind to make sure they get proper nourishment.

In addition, purchased raw dog food is typically dehydrated for packaging. This not only preserves the meal but also kills off the bacteria in the raw ingredients since they need water to survive,

Because of all this, you won’t have to wonder if your dog is getting the right nutrition or if the meal is free of bacteria. All you have to do is rehydrate the food with warm water and add in your dog’s favorite raw meat to complete the meal.

Give your canine buddy the food they deserve. With the help of Volhard Dog Nutrition, you can feed your dog the diet they truly need.