Preserving Purity: Inside Volhard Dog Nutrition's Raw Food Dehydration Techniques

Preserving Purity: Inside Volhard Dog Nutrition's Raw Food Dehydration Techniques

Posted by volhard dog nutrition on Jul 3rd 2024

Discover how fresh, wholesome ingredients are carefully transformed into nutrient-rich meals for your dogs. Excellent methods, benefits, and dedication ensure that every bite of Volhard's raw food supports your dog's health and vitality.

From selecting the finest ingredients to the meticulous dehydration process, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to provide top-quality nutrition. Learn about the science behind our raw food dehydration process and how it preserves the essential nutrients your dog needs!

What Is Volhard's Single-Step Cold Dehydration Process?

Volhard Dog Nutrition uses a proprietary single-step cold dehydration process to preserve raw ingredient quality and nutritional integrity. It is perfect for dog parents who prefer a biologically appropriate raw food diet for their pups.

The single-step cold dehydration process preserves the benefits of raw feeding, unlike traditional methods that often involve multiple heating cycles. Traditional methods involving multiple heating cycles degrade the nutritional content of the food, leading to significant losses in essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

The cold dehydration method uses low temperatures to remove moisture from the ingredients while maintaining the natural aroma, flavor, and texture of whole-food ingredients. Our single-step process produces food that is nutritious, safe, easy to store, and convenient for everyday use.

Volhard ensures that vitamins, minerals, and probiotics remain readily available upon consumption, supporting proper digestion and overall well-being.

By removing water in just one step, our process also effectively slows the growth of pathogens, making our diets safer for your dogs.

Choosing Volhard's raw pet food guarantees your dog's diet is complete and balanced, catering to all life stages and promoting a healthier, happier life!

The Volhard Diet and the NOVA Food Classification System

According to the NOVA Food Classification System, our food is considered a minimally processed diet that undergoes just one dehydration process, not multiple heat processes. This classification underscores the quality and integrity of our food, aligning with the principles of minimal processing to retain the maximum nutritional benefits.

For further understanding of the NOVA classification and its relevance to pet food, watch Karen Becker and Rodney Habib's explanation (16:00-19:00) from their book The Forever Dog Life, which recently hit the New York Times Best Sellers list.

3 Downsides of Multiple Heating Processes

Downsides of multiple heating processes

Multiple heating processes, commonly used by many pet food companies, come with several significant downsides:

Loss of Nutrients

Each heating cycle subjects the ingredients to high temperatures, which can degrade essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. As a result, the final product often lacks the full spectrum of nutrients crucial for your dog's health and well-being.

Flavor and Aroma Loss

Multiple heating cycles can strip away the natural taste and smell that dogs find appealing, making the food less palatable. This can lead to decreased interest in meals and potentially result in nutritional deficiencies if the dog refuses to eat the processed food.

Pathogen Growth

Repeated heating and cooling creates an environment conducive to the growth of pathogens if not managed correctly. The integrity of the ingredients is thus compromised, leading to food that is not only less nutritious but also less safe for consumption.

4 Benefits of Dehydrating Whole-Food Ingredients Once

Benefits of dehydrating whole-food ingredients once

Dehydrating whole-food ingredients just once offers several significant advantages that contribute to the overall quality and safety of your dog's food.

Our tried and tested single-step process is designed to preserve the ingredients' nutritional integrity, sensory qualities, and safety, making it a superior method compared to multiple heating cycles:

Preserving Ingredient Bioavailability

By dehydrating ingredients only once, we ensure that essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics remain in their most natural and absorbable form. This means that your dog receives the full benefit of the nutrients in their diet, supporting overall health and well-being.

Maintaining Aroma, Flavor, and Texture

Dogs are likely to enjoy their meals when the food smells and tastes delicious. Our process ensures that these sensory qualities are preserved, making the food more appealing to your dog. Additionally, the texture remains close to that of fresh ingredients, enhancing the eating experience for your dog and encouraging healthy eating habits.

Easy to Store

Volhard's single-step dehydration process not only preserves the nutritional quality of the food but also makes it incredibly easy to store. Removing water during dehydration significantly reduces the risk of spoilage, allowing the food to be stored for extended periods without losing its nutritional value or flavor. This convenience means you can provide your dog with high-quality, nutritious meals without needing constant refrigeration or worrying about the food going bad quickly.

Slowing Down Pathogen Growth

By effectively removing water from the ingredients, we create an environment less conducive to the growth of harmful bacteria and other pathogens. This makes the food safer for your dog to consume and extends the product's shelf life. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pet's food is nutritious and safe from potential contaminants.

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Enhance Your Dog's Nutrition with Volhard's Raw Food!

Ready to give your dog the best in nutrition and care? Explore Volhard Dog Nutrition's range of premium dehydrated meals and see the difference our single-step cold dehydration process can make.

Ensure your furry friend enjoys all the benefits of preserved nutrients, great taste, and enhanced safety with every meal.

Join the Volhard family today and give your dog the nutrition they deserve. Visit our website to learn more and make your first purchase!

If you want to contact one of our Volhard canine nutrition coaches, don't hesitate to access our consultation page!

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