Between Seasons Diet

Sally, the Shih Tzu

Ann was working with Sally in obedience classes and had great hopes of showing her.  

She had done well in the Novice classes and was encouraged to go on and teach her more

advanced exercises of jumping and retrieving.  At first, Sally’s training came along well but after a while, the retrieving of the dumbbell was no longer fun for Sally. This puzzled Ann since Sally as a very young dog had always wanted something in her mouth, and carried her toys everywhere she went.


After trying numerous ways to get Sally to retrieve, I got the call for help. In questioning Ann as

to when this first started, she mentioned that it had started in Spring, but became worse as the

months went by.

Ann told me the following about Sally:

  • her breath was smelling bad, and her doggie kisses were not as welcome as they used to be.
  • she had started to eat her own stools.
  • she was shedding excessively, with clumps of hair coming out of her body.
  • she had brown tartar build up on her teeth close to the roots and her gums looked very red and inflamed.


The Earth element corresponds to late summer as well as the times between seasons, a damp climate, the color yellow, the emotions of sympathy and tolerance, a sickly sweet smell, a whining sound.  The expression of these organs is in conditions of the mouth, flesh and the limbs.  

All are made worse by moisture


The spleen is the principal organ of digestion as it transports the nutrients and blood.

It is responsible for turning food into nourishment and regulates the blood.


The relationship between the stomach and spleen is that the stomach receives food

and the spleen transports the nutrients.
When there is a weakness in the spleen, the body is unable to use the

nourishment in the food that leads to lethargy.

Weakness in the spleen is usually accompanied by diarrhea, limbs that

are cold and pain in the region of the abdomen.


The call to me came around the beginning of June when the energy of the body is in the Stomach/Spleen organ system, which expresses itself in the mouth. Tartar on the teeth pointed to an incorrect diet. With gums swollen and red, a collection of bacteria was present making Sally’s breath smelly. She was eating her stools in an effort to restore her enzyme balance. It was painful for Sally to pick anything up in her mouth and even though she was a happy little dog who would do anything for Ann, she simply couldn’t pick up her dumbbell.
I suggested a visit to her veterinarian and a good teeth cleaning. After that, a diet that was suitable for Sally was formulated and I told her about the many natural oral gels available for future tartar removal. Not surprisingly, after a good teeth cleaning, with gums in perfect health, Sally happily started to retrieve again.


I put Sally onto the cleansing diet for 3 weeks after the teeth cleaning, and then she was fed the Natural Diet. She had no further problems with her teeth. Her breath smelled wonderful again, no more eating stools, and her doggie kisses were once more welcome.

The Importance of the Change in Seasons

Every three months, energy that has been in the major organ systems goes back

through the Earth element to be renewed and invigorated. Thus we find the energy of the body in the stomach and spleen as well as the pancreas more frequently than other organ systems.

Physical manifestations of disorders in these organs are seen more frequently during these time frames than any others, the most common of which is vomiting yellow bile early in the morning, followed by bloat. 

21-Day cleansing and balancing diet for a 50-pound dog

Feed twice a day and adjust according to weight.

Resources to order products:

  • Biotics Hydrozyme–
  • Endurance, Vitamin B Complex –
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E -
  • Glandular – Standard Process Spleen PMG– email Lise O’Neill
  • Willard Water –
  • Black strap molasses, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil – local health food store.
  • Herbs – or

Maintenance Diet:

After three weeks following this diet and detoxification program, your dog can be switched over to the Natural Diet, or the Natural Diet Foundation.  Start n day 5 of the Transfer diet for the home made food, or day 3 for the Natural Diet Foundation.


Dogs experiencing stomach upsets frequently benefit from their food being slightly cooked, or fed at room temperature.  Avoid food that is straight out of the refrigerator. Feed in a peaceful environment and keep your dog quiet for at least an hour after meals.


Dogs that vomit yellow bile in the morning should have something in their stomach before they go to bed.  Give a dog biscuit. Try feeding before or after 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.  If this condition continues, fast your dog for a day.  A day without food, with plenty of fluids will help to re-balance the stomach and the spleen.


Most cases of bloat are diagnosed during Stomach and Spleen season. Bloat is a condition where the stomach expands and becomes full of gas. Torsion, a twisting of the stomach, may also occur. Torsion is a life and death situation that calls for immediate veterinary care. If you catch the symptoms, just as they start, you have a good chance of preventing severe shock syndrome that occurs with bloat and torsion.

Surgery is often required to correct the gastric torsion. The spleen may also be removed during this surgery, after which careful nutritional management is required.
For a dog going into bloat, use acupressure on St 36 and Sp 6, the homeopathics alumina and carbo veg together for one dose, then carb veg every 15 mins while going to the veterinarian for help.