Volhard Dog Nutrition, proudly made in the USA


We use only human grade, preservative-free ingredients sourced from local growers.
Each of our products arrives in a dehydrated form to maintain the nutritional quality of raw ingredients while inhibiting the growth of unwanted microorganisms.
To use, simply re-hydrate with warm water and add your dog’s favorite meat.

No company can match Volhard Dog Nutrition foods tested over that many generations of dogs.
Volhard Dog Nutrition is appropriate for dogs of any age, from puppies to seniors,
and for any lifestyle, from pampered pet to working and performance canines.

Endorsed by America’s top trainers, we believe the foundation for a healthy and happy dog rests on sound, complete nutrition.
If you believe the same, try a Volhard Dog Nutrition product - you will notice the difference.

Often copied, but never successfully, Volhard Dog Nutrition products are the most clinically tested dog foods and supplements on the market.

We bet our own dogs’ lives on it every day.


Healthy Dog Conference - May 18-22, 2018

Healthy Dog Conference - May 18-22, 2018

Register TODAY by CLICKING HERE! Educating yourself about your companion and how to take care of him or her is one of the best things you can do for your dog. Think this may be over your head? Sessio…
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​Myth Busting: Raw Diet Edition

​Myth Busting: Raw Diet Edition

It’s not hard to find hesitant individuals when you mention a raw meat diet. It is far from a new concept, but one that has been making it’s way into the mainstream. As pet owners, we want the best…
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