The Volhard Difference

Better Food for Better Dogs

Our healthy pet food products have been developed for pet owners who only want the best for their dogs and cats, and who want them to live long and healthy lives. They are the best because:

• VDN products use human-grade/non-GMO ingredients.

• Each batch is tested three times during production for bacteria, molds, fungi, salmonella and E. Coli.

• VDN products have been clinically tested (annual blood, thyroid, urine and fecal analyses) for over 50 years on Wendy Volhard's own dogs, and those of her students. We are not aware of any other dog food that undergoes such continuous and rigorous testing.

• VDN offers you three options to feed your pet safe, wholesome and healthy dog food: Natural Diet Foundation 2 (NDF2), NDF Original AM & PM, and Rescue. You choose which one suits your lifestyle.

We have created dehydrated dry dog foods that benefit both puppies and adult dogs.  Our product promotes good digestion, regardless of whether your pets have chronic problems, sensitive stomachs, are ill, or are already healthy - and you want him to stay that way!  Your dog's health is our number one priority.


Whether you are looking for adult dog food, puppy food, or food for your senior dogs, we instruct you on how to feed your fur friend - quantities, times of the day. This is primarily based on the age and size of the animal. Be sure to check the specific product page on our website.


Our pet food has been part of many recommended veterinary diets around the country. We use top quality raw materials and probiotics. Our food is not just another variation on brown rice! In fact, that's not an included ingredient. But you can read the entire list of what goes into each food, before you buy. Because feeding your dog should be an important part of the day for both of you!