3 Reasons to Choose a Volhard Dehydrated Diet


Human/Food Grade
Whole Food Ingredients

US sourced
Preservative Free


Provides Nutritional Solutions
for Healthy Living

Biologically appropriate
Natural, Healthy & Balanced


Focus on Food Safety

Batch tested for:
Listeria, E.Coli, Salmonella, Mold & Fungi

All diets are formulated to not just meet, but exceed, the NRC/AAFCO daily requirements.

Featured Products

Liver Treats (c)

Reward your well-behaved dog quickly and simply with Volhard’s 100% Freeze-Dried Pork Liver Dog Treats. The preferred choice of pet trainers like Wendy Volhard for over 40 years. These...

Krill Oil (c)

3 oz. bottle Do you cook your dog’s meals but need to add a healthy fat? Or, are you trying to make your kibble more nutritious by adding a good quality fat? Volhard Krill Oil Liquid...

Rescue Diet (c)

$85.00 - $240.00
Rescue is a dehydrated functional food blend developed by Wendy Volhard which is Anti-inflammatory, Hypoallergenic and Gluten free! Rescue is crafted in small batches with whole food ingredients and...

Polkadog Bakery Treats (c)

$9.99 - $12.99
COD SKIN SHORTIES These Polkadog treats are all locally-sourced, made in the USA, tested for heavy metals and toxins and are a limited ingredient natural dog treat. The cod they use to make these...


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