• ►  We use only fresh, whole foods
  • ►  Preservatives and vitamins are derived from whole foods, not synthetic additives
  • ►  The ingredients are fully utilized by the dogs body, no matter the breed, age or activity level.
  • ►  The taste is bowl licking good!


  • ►  Made in a USDA certified facility
  • ►  Each human grade ingredient is tested and certified safe at the source
  • ►  Each small batch (new batch every 3 weeks) is assay tested 3 times for bacteria, mold fungi, salmonella and E.Coli
  • ►  VDN has gone above and beyond by clinically testing dogs eating the food (through blood, urine, biofeedback and kinesiology)


  • ►  Just add the quantity and quality of protein of your choice and water and you are done!
  • ►  The fine texture makes mixing easy and is great for picky eaters!
  • ►  Purchasing is made easy on our webpage using a regular auto-ship schedule and delivered right to your door - never worry about picking up your pet food again!


​Overweight Dogs - Feed Them Fresh Not Less!

​Overweight Dogs - Feed Them Fresh Not Less!

You’ve reduced the amount you feed your dog, switched them to kibble for obese dogs, and maybe even tried weight-loss pills or natural supplements. You feel like you’ve tried everything, but no…
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