Polkadog Bakery Alaskan Cod Chips 3.5oz

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Polkadog's Wild Cod Chips are created from sustainably fished, wild-caught cod from the icy cold waters of Alaska.


Polkadog's Wild Cod Chips provide a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to supporting your dog's heart and rejuvenating its skin and coat while helping reduce inflammation.


Dehydrated, crunchy, and delicious, these single-ingredient treats are sure to please.


Polkadog's Wild Cod Chips are the perfect treat for your pup with no added fillers or preservatives.



So why wait? Give your pup a tasty treat with Polkadog’s Wild Cod Chips today!

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Every dog is special. But it’s not just their personality. Every dog has unique nutrition needs based on their breed, size, shape, activity level and many other factors. The best way to help your dog be the best version of themselves is to build a healthy, balanced bowl that’s a combination of grains, vegetables, proteins, hydrators and supplements that are specific to your pet.


When you build a bowl here at Volhard, you will start with the choice of foundation mix. For better planning, it’s helpful to think about the dog you plan to feed and their issues first. This is where you can determine the "personality" of your bowl.


Build-a-Bowl is a fun way to find out what the nutritional value is in a bowl of Volhard! Then you will be asked to add a protein for a delectable super-powered meal for your dog!

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