The Transformative Power of Nutrition on Dog Behavior

The Transformative Power of Nutrition on Dog Behavior

Posted by volhard dog nutrition on Sep 21st 2023

Dana Brigman | The Well Oiled K9

As we celebrate the remarkable 50-year journey of Volhard Dog Nutrition, I find myself reflecting on how Wendy Volhard has profoundly influenced my approach to canine well-being. In this article, I'll share my personal journey of discovery and why I wholeheartedly recommend Volhard Dog Nutrition to everyone who cares about their four-legged companions.

My Introduction to Nutrition and Its Impact on Behavior

In 2013, I attended a trainer's conference where Wendy Volhard was slated to speak about nutrition. Admittedly, I anticipated a sales pitch for her products.

However, what transpired during her presentation completely reshaped my perspective on dog health and behavior. It took me a few years to fully appreciate the significance of her insights.

Wendy shared a wealth of information on the vital connection between nutrition and behavior, challenging the conventional belief that training alone was sufficient. At that time, I couldn't fathom investing in premium dog food, especially with multiple Great Danes to care for. Thus, I filed away my notes and returned to my dog training routines.

Fast forward two years, I encountered a particularly challenging dog in my training program. Initially, I was quick to blame the owner for what seemed like inadequate training efforts. This dog had undergone Puppy Preschool, Group Class, and one-on-one training but remained disobedient, hard to manage, and even displayed aggressive tendencies.

To prove my point, I offered to board and train the dog in my home for two weeks.

Despite my best efforts, nothing seemed to work. I began to suspect that this dog might have a learning disability. It became increasingly aggressive, and no one was willing to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.

Food as Fuel: The Five Element Theory

As I sat down to prepare for a conversation with the dog's owner, Wendy's words resurfaced in my mind. She discussed the concept of "hot" dogs and the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. I retrieved my notes and reviewed the characteristics of a "hot" dog — one with an excess of Fire element traits.

To my astonishment, this troubled dog ticked every box: perpetually over-aroused, excitable, excessive panting, constant barking, quick-tempered, and prone to snapping. Wendy had emphasized that evaluating a dog's diet was crucial, as the wrong food could exacerbate these issues. It seemed we needed to "cool down" this "hot" dog.

I immediately contacted the owner. I had not incorporated diet-related questions into my training programs until then. The owner revealed that the dog consumed dry food with venison as the protein source.

According to the Five Element Theory, venison is considered a "hot" protein source. I explained my new theory to the owner and suggested we consult a holistic vet for confirmation. The owner agreed and made the two-hour journey to the nearest holistic vet, who confirmed this pup was indeed "on fire." We switched the protein source to white fish, and within days, we witnessed a transformation. The training began to click, and the dog became calmer, happier, and a joy to be around.

Food had, quite literally, changed this dog's life. Although the owner opted to stick with kibble instead of fresh, raw food, I couldn't help but wonder what further improvements might be possible with even better nutrition.

This experience prompted me to reevaluate past cases, including my challenging dog. What if I had changed his diet before it was too late? What if he had been on a proactive diet with heart health supplements when he suddenly collapsed and died from DCM two weeks later? I was hungry for knowledge.

The Healthy Dog Conference: A Turning Point

I attended The Healthy Dog Conference with Wendy to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Wendy emphasized the simplicity of Volhard Dog Nutrition and delved into deeper discussions about the Five Element Theory, homeopathy, common canine conditions that could benefit from nutritional support, chiropractic benefits, Reiki for dogs, and more.

Her teachings lit a fire in me. I applied to become an affiliate, switched my dogs to Volhard Dog Nutrition, and fervently recommended it to everyone in my network.

The Impact of Nutrition on Canine Health

Wendy Volhard teaches us that an imbalanced diet in dogs can lead to a host of issues, including:

  • Aggression, reactivity, snapping
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Overexcitement and overarousal
  • Compromised reproductive system, heart, kidney, liver, bladder, thyroid, and adrenal glands
  • Gastrointestinal upsets
  • Impaired ability to heal from wounds or surgery
  • Lack of pigmentation
  • Epilepsy
  • Spinning or tail-chasing
  • Timidity
  • A weakened immune system
  • Eating non-food items

If any of these issues resonate with your dog's condition, it's imperative to consider nutrition as a fundamental aspect of behavior modification.

Wendy's Influence on My Journey

Ultimately, it's Wendy Volhard who set me on the path to becoming certified in canine nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbs, and Reiki! The knowledge I've gained allowed me to integrate various aspects of natural wellness and comprehensively support dogs' overall health. My business has shifted towards Pet Health Coaching, primarily focusing on dog nutrition and wellness programs. I now resolve behavioral issues daily by addressing nutritional foundations.

My mission is simple: to ensure that dogs eat better, feel better, and live longer. While resistance persists among some of my training clients and peers when it comes to incorporating nutrition into discussions about puppy development and happy-go-lucky dogs, I insist that clients consider it, especially in cases of aggression and anxiety. The results are undeniable: better outcomes and fewer setbacks down the road.

If you're eager to learn more about Volhard Dog Nutrition and how nutrition and natural wellness affect your dog's behavior, I'd be delighted to assist you in getting started. If you just want to feed your dog better food and get proactive about your dog's health, let's talk! You can even become an affiliate or reseller yourself. Feel free to message me, and I'll guide you through the process.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Wendy Volhard and Volhard Dog Nutrition. I'm proud to be part of your legacy, and I remain committed to spreading the message of the transformative power of nutrition for our beloved canine companions. Together, we can ensure that every dog lives its happiest, healthiest life.

Thank you, Wendy Volhard and Volhard Dog Nutrition, for making a difference in the lives of countless dogs and their devoted owners, including mine. I only wish I knew way back then what I know now …