Finding the Right Balance with the Volhard Natural Diet

Finding the Right Balance with the Volhard Natural Diet

Posted by Volhard Dog Nutrition on Apr 6th 2021

Food and dogs. If you're reading this blog, then there's a big chance you love both of them because, I mean, who wouldn't love delicious food and adorable pups, right? But have you ever thought about the kind of food your dog would love? Have you ever thought if your dog actually enjoys the kibble you're feeding them, or are they just eating it out of necessity?

Nowadays, dog parents are starting to make better informed decisions about what to feed their dogs. You have the choice of cooked freeze dried, dehydrated or even many different versions of feeding raw. Feeding 100% raw may be very time consuming because of the need to source ingredients, balance meals, preparatory work to build meals (grinding, cooking, chopping) Especially for folks who are always on the go and busy with work. So, why not just feed your dogs a unique hybrid natural food with added raw protein? In this blog, we'll discuss the benefits of a natural diet, diet with raw protein and how to give your dog a properly balanced meal for them to stay happy, healthy, and full.

What Is A Raw Diet?

There's a lot of discourse regarding a raw diet for a dog because when you say raw, it literally means raw and that none of the meat, organs, bones, eggs, fruit, and vegetables that you will feed your dog are cooked. Raw dog food can be homemade, store-bought, freeze-dried, or dehydrated. A raw diet usually includes organ meats, muscle meat, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, dog-safe fresh fruits and vegetables, and a dairy product such as yogurt. Advocates of raw food diets site these benefits: shinier coats, healthier skin, improved dental health, increased energy, and smaller stools.

Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat A Raw Diet?

Many people are put off by the idea of a raw diet because humans always eat their food cooked. If they don't, they put themselves at risk of getting salmonella, e.coli, and other bacteria. However, the pH level in a dog's stomach is more acidic than that of a human, so they can break down raw meat and kill off bacteria, which makes this no reason for concern.

Some veterinarians warn that raw diets are not appropriate for dogs who share their homes with young children or people with compromised immune systems. Meticulous care is required in the handling, preparation, and sanitation of raw food. Humans handle raw meat in their homes everyday. The same precautions that you take when making your juicy burger should be used when you prepare your dog’s meal with raw protein. Humans are the only species that cooks their food. All other animals eat their food raw.

A question we often get is: "My dog is old and has a lot of gastrointestinal problems. Is it still safe for him to eat a raw diet?" The answer is yes! With the help of digestive enzymes, dogs will absorb the nutrients from the food quicker. Papaya, melon, honey, raw milk, and many other foods already have naturally occurring enzymes that aid in digestion, and feeding this to your dog will help alleviate their gastrointestinal disorders. However, if you feel that your dog lacks digestive enzymes, adding Volhard's Pre- and Probiotic Digestive Enzyme formulation to the diet can help create a healthy gut environment for your fur baby.

If you take the time to learn about a raw diet and how to find the right balance to feed your dog (not just throwing random raw food on your dog's plate), then you will find that there are numerous health benefits for your dogs, which we will talk about next.

What Are The Benefits of a Raw Diet?

Just as processed food has contributed to human health issues, processed pet foods have done the same for dogs. Veterinarians routinely see chronic conditions such as obesity, allergies and diabetes in dogs today that were much less common in the past. Our companion animals require fresh, vital foods to maintain vibrant health. Studies have proven that a raw diet containing raw meat, organs, and vegetables is far healthier for your dog's health than grain-based 100% processed commercial dog food. Since this is what most animals would eat out in the wild and what dogs ate before they became domesticated, their bodies are best suited for a species appropriate diet. Here are some benefits of feeding your beloved canine a raw diet:

  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Shinier fur and healthier skin
  • Less stomach irritation
  • Higher energy levels
  • Smaller and firmer stools

What To Feed Dogs on a Raw Diet?

Now you must be curious about the exact food varieties that you can feed your dog on a raw diet.

You can feed dogs the following:

  • High-quality meat
  • Organs (liver, kidney, etc.)
  • Bones (whole or ground)
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables (broccoli, carrots, etc.)
  • Fruits (apple, melon, etc.)
  • Raw dairy (unprocessed milk, yogurt, etc.)

However, supermarkets don't always provide raw feeders with the ingredients they need and sometimes, if you don't feed your dog the proper raw diet based on their nutritional needs, it might do them more harm than good. If you want to ensure that your canine is getting all the nutrition they need, we suggest adding in the specially-formulated dehydrated foundation mix made by Volhard.

And then add to that foundation mix quality protein-fresh and picked out by you. 

How Do I Balance A Raw Diet with the Volhard Diet?

The Volhard diet is a unique hybrid diet that allows you as the pet parent to mix a dehydrated foundation mix of carefully sourced ingredients with raw fresh protein to achieve a complete and balanced meal for your dog. Have a dog that cannot eat raw? No problem- just braise or steam the protein and add that to the foundation mix! if you use raw or cooked meat, the Volhard diet is still a fresh diet way better than 100% processed kibble.

Some people might argue that mixing a dehydrated foundation mix would no longer make the diet purely raw. However, the cold dehydration process used to dehydrate the ingredients found in Volhard never uses an amount of heat high enough to cook any of the ingredients in the foundation mix, so, in fact, it is a raw product and should be handled as such.

Another bonus to using the Volhard Diet is that it comes in a tightly-sealed package, so if you're someone who likes to travel around with your canine buddy, feeding them would not be a hassle at all. All you need to do is rehydrate the food with warm water and add it to your dog's favorite raw meat to complete the meal.

The bottom line is, if you want your dog to have a healthier life, then you have to start by switching their diet to one with fresh ingredients that is species appropriate. The Volhard Diet is here to help you provide a complete and balanced meal for your dog. Achieve that in the most convenient way possible without sacrificing the fresh, natural whole food nutrients your dog needs.