7 Fun Summer Activities for You and Your Dog

As temperatures ramp up, more and more pet owners are feeling the heat and are looking for ways to include their dogs in their summer plans. Summer is a great time to make fun memories with your dog. Bonding with your dog is easy in this season because there are so many activities that you can participate in outdoors. From trips to the beach to park picnics here are a few things to do with your dog this summer.

1. Get Outside!

Being outdoors is physically stimulating for dogs and will benefit their health in many ways. Take your dog for a hike or go for a swim in a local lake to let them experience new sights and smells and to get in some low-intensity cardio. Look for a local pet-friendly beach to go swimming or play a fun game of fetch in the waves. Just remember to apply sunscreen!

2. Quality Down Time

Are you feeling like more of a homebody this week? We've got you covered! They say that "all work and no play make Jack a dull boy," but all work and play with no downtime can have the same effect. Spend some quality time relaxing with your pup by your side; you will feel rested, and your dog will enjoy getting to snuggle up next to you! If you want to stay home but have a little more energy to expend, try some recipes for homemade treats. Cookies are always a safe bet, but make sure to steer clear of recipes that contain sugar, as they can have a degenerative effect on your dog's dental health. Accidentally doubled the recipe? Not a problem! Please invite your friends and their dogs over for a canine cookout! Need fun recipes check out the Facebook page “The Holistic Guide for the Volhard dog” and snag some great recipe ideas!

3. Out on the Town

Once you're rested and ready to get outside again, take your dog for a fun outing at local pet-friendly businesses! Check your local visitor's center or look online to find pet-friendly café's, stores, and restaurants in your area. Make it a double date by inviting along a friend and their dog and spend some time window-shopping and exploring. You never know what hidden gems you might find if you follow your nose!

4. Retail Therapy

While you're out, try adding some pet-friendly shops to your itinerary. Taking your dog to try on a new collar saves you the guesswork of finding the correct size, and letting them pick their treats ensures that you'll never have a box of cookies that goes untouched because your pup isn't interested in them. Is it time for a new bed but you're not sure which material to buy? Running low on chew toys? Not a problem! You've got an expert retail advisor right at your side.

5. See the Sights

There's no better time than summer to use those vacation days at work and explore beyond your usual stomping grounds. Traveling with your pet can be an unforgettable experience, and it's easier than you might think! Pack your bags (and one for your dog!) and hit the road for a cross-country road trip! Visit national and state parks such as Grand Canyon National Park or look for dog-friendly attractions and events such as the Biltmore Estate grounds in North Carolina or the Oliver Bentley Historic Dog Walk Tour in Savannah, Georgia. There are many pet-friendly hotel chains, such as Best Western and the Four Seasons, but if you're feeling a little more adventurous, try booking a campsite. Many campgrounds have fenced-in areas for dogs to play, and you'll have a budget-friendly trip!

6. Summer School

Keep your pup's mind sharp and fend off boredom by working on some basic commands. We at Volhard believe that there are five basic commands that every dog should know:

  • The "sit" command
  • The "down" command
  • The "come" command
  • The "stay" command
  • The "leave-it" command

Now is the perfect time to teach those foundational skills! If your dog already knows these and you're ready to try something new, experiment with clicker training and teach your dog fun party tricks such as high-five, roll over, and play dead.

7. Fun with Friends

Are you living with a pandemic puppy who hasn't quite gotten comfortable around other dogs and people? Spend the summer socializing with them by going on fun, low-stress outings. If your local dog park is too overwhelming at first, try setting up a one-on-one playdate with another friendly canine or taking Rover to the groomers for a fresh summer blowout! You don't want to over-stimulate a dog with too much social time all at once, but small, consistent doses of time spent with others will make a big difference.