Adored Beast Turkey Tail Mushrooms

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Adored Beast Turkey Tail mushrooms is a triple liquid extract as opposed to a powder which contains a range of full spectrum compounds featuring both water-soluble (for example, polysaccharides like beta-glucans) and alcohol-soluble compounds (like antioxidants such as triterpenoids), ensuring access to all the beneficial properties mushrooms have to offer. All of Adored Beast's mushrooms are grown in our private forest, in Maritime Canada, or freshly foraged in British Columbia, Canada.


What really makes this product different is that it is:

     • 100% natural
     • Sustainably sourced
     • Paraben Free
     • Non-GMO
     • Gluten Free
     • Cruelty-Free


The Turkey Tail mushroom is, to date, the first medicinal mushroom that the FDA has funded for research in the fight against various types of cancer. Research shows that turkey tail mushrooms can help slow the spread of cancer cells and improve survival rates when used in tandem with other traditional cancer treatments. 

Turkey Tail mushrooms contain vitamins B3 and D, which can help boost the immune system and provide prebiotics that can help increase digestion. The mushrooms also contain antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenols known to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Adored Beast uses a tincture instead of a powder so that the mushroom’s medicinal values are activated and bioavailable.  Liquid extracts are able to hold and preserve the many bioactive compounds that are released during extraction. Liquid extractions are also easier to absorb than powder, as the body doesn’t need to digest anything. Therefore, the mushroom's medicinal properties can be absorbed into the body. 


They break down their mushrooms using a three-step (triple extraction) process, the first with hot water, the second with organic alcohol (which is the only way of extracting triterpenes), and the third with glycerin. Once the extraction process is complete, there is 0% alcohol left, and each batch is tested to ensure this level.


     • Slows the aging process
     • Support gut health
     • Fight oxidative stress
     • Prevent and aid in fighting cancer
     • Manage inflammation
     • Support the immune system

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