The goal of this area is to encourage veterinarians to consider using whole food nutrition in the healing and management of dogs in their care.

We are working on building up this area with case studies with supporting veterinary documentation (lab results, testimony, etc.). If, after reading these cases, you decide that you'd be interested in learning more about the positive impact of whole food nutrition (specifically Volhard Dog Nutrition), please contact Jennifer Carter at

If you have a clinical case where Volhard Dog Nutrition was used in the care/management of your dog's health concerns that you would like to share, please use the email listed above. We will send you via email the following information:

  • A case history questionnaire (dog history, clinical case information)
  • A release form to use the case study on the website

We will ask you to send us the above two forms plus this additional information:

  • Copies of supporting lab work (with your last name and address blacked out)
  • Photos of your pet to be used on the website
  • Any other information you believe is relevant

Thank you for your willingness to share so that others may learn.