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supplementbadge-250.jpgPlain Beef or Pork Flavor. Pork flavor is made with 100% Freeze Dried Pork Liver.

Fresh. Healthy. Undeniably delicious.

Just like us, dogs should eat a variety of fresh vegetables with their meals. Whether home-prepared or purchased, high quality whole food diets offer complete nutrition on their own, but adding some extra goodness certainly doesn’t hurt! This Dehydrated Veggie Pak can be quickly rehydrated, then portioned and frozen for daily use right through the fall and winter.

Volhard Veggie Pak Blends are all non GMO with no added sulfites. Made from human grade ingredients, these are the best addition to any canine diet regardless of what you feed. Paired with a kibble diet, the vegetables provide whole food nutrition and live enzymes to help your dog metabolize their food. Added to a raw diet, they allow for easy rotation with different protein sources.

Add the Veggie Pak Plain vegetable blend to the AM meal to provide a diverse blend of Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Vegetables with little to no effort!

Vegetables that are easily digested by your pet are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Meticulously selected ingredients offer energizing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.

This supplement exceeds the AAFCO and NRC daily requirement for all Essential Amino Acids and provides a natural source of taurine directly in the diet.


vegetables.jpgAre Dehydrated Veggie Pak Vegetables raw?

The answer is YES! The basic idea is that cooking destroys not only many of the vitamins in food but also enzymes that may be important to our health. Food that reaches 118 F is no longer considered raw because it is at temperatures above that that the food's nutrition is diminished. Meat denatures at 115 degrees. Thank goodness there is no meat in here!

Our vegetables are raw once dried because they are dehydrated very slowly at a low temperature. Keep in mind that vitamin content does gradually decline in dried foods stored longer than 9 months. Help them stay fresh by refrigerating or freezing after you open them.

You can now add a variety of dehydrated vegetables to your pets’ food without having to process fresh vegetables everyday, in the off season or while traveling!

jedi-200.jpgVeggie Pak allows you to have easy camping, backpacking, traveling, kenneling, boat tripping Food!

Easy dehydrated meals for an outdoor lifestyle can be nutritious as well as delicious if you plan ahead and get the right ingredients.

  • Canned vegetables are heavy and take up a lot of space.
  • Fresh vegetables are perishable and easily crushed.

The secret to being able to feed your dog a healthy Volhard meal while camping is stocking up on dehydrated vegetables: Veggie Pak with or without Pork Liver! Dehydrated food for camping from Volhard Dog Nutrition is a lightweight, nutritious and versatile solution to planning easy camping food.


crudeanalysis-veggiepak-plain-300.jpgINGREDIENTS & NUTRITION FACTS 

Zucchini, Beet Root, Carrot Organic, Broccoli florets, Freeze Dried Pork Liver (in pork variety only), Asparagus, Coconut Oil, Garlic Powder, Parsley, Burdock Root, Boswellia serrata extract, Milk Thistle extract.

All our ingredients' descriptions can be found on this website under the "Company" tab. 

This 1 lb. bag makes over 4 lbs. of re-hydrated veggies.

The total veggie amount listed is the total FOR THE DAY.
Divide total in half for 2x a day feeding.




  1. Shake bag to mix veggies and herbs.
  2. If adding to kibble - Add just enough warm water to rehydrate Veggie mix in the bowl first, then add kibble, stir and serve.
  3. If adding to AM Porridge, use Plain Version - Since AM is fed only 1x per day- Add AM Porridge to the bowl along with 1/2 the daily total of veggies listed in the chart. Add Veggie mix to AM Porridge in bowl, add warm water to rehydrate both, add yogurt or kefir, stir and serve. (example: 10 lb dog - total Veggies per day from the chart is 1-2 scoops (1-2T). For use in AM Diet, add 1/2 the daily amount which would be 1/2 scoop or 1/2 T - 1 scoop or 1T)
  4. Watch the dog lick the bowl clean!
 Volhard is committed to providing NO CHINESE sourced ingredients. This costs more, but we care about your dogs!
NO Preservatives  |  NO Dyes  |  NO Artificial Ingredients  |  NO Chemicals

Reviews (7)

Eydie Jan 25th 2022

Veggie Pak

Love it! So much easier than trying to prepare fresh vegetables for a tiny dog.

GregC Sep 11th 2020

Healthy and Convenient

Our Sheltie needed more balance in her diet. Cooking fresh veggies everyday is not always possible. The plain veggie pack is just perfect for her daily needs and very convenient for traveling too. She loves it too.

Additional Info

Additional Info

1.00 LBS

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