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System Saver is an herbal anti-inflammatory, which contains frankincense, green tea, turmeric and orange peel flavonoids. It is effective for hip dysplasia, arthritis, tendonitis, dermatitis, auto-immune and degenerative disorders, inflammatory bowel and respiratory diseases, which have not responded to traditional medications.

This proprietary blend contains a broad spectrum of metalloproteinase inhibitors obtained from plant extracts of Citrus reticulata, Frankincense, Curcuma longa and Camelia sinensis standardized for organic acids, polymethoxylated flavones, catechins and curcuminoids. System Saver inhibits the enzymes that break down cartilage and other tissue. This enzymatic activity increases with exercise and aging. System Saver regulates overactive immune, inflammatory and degenerative processes. This supplement provides relief from a variety of symptoms associated with inflammation, pain, swelling and loss of function. Structural soundness is improved by inhibiting tissue destructive enzymes.

120 capsules

Amount to give your dog:

  • 30-45lbs: 1 capsule daily, divided into two.
  • 50-75lbs: 1 capsule twice a day
  • 75 lbs + :  2 capsules twice a day

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Additional Info

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