Original Diet

Diabetes, skin, ear, and eye problems are rare, and so is hip dysplasia and bloat.

Teeth rarely, if ever, have to be cleaned. Fleas, ticks, and worms are almost unheard of on the

Natural Diet. Overall vitality and energy are unequaled.


Dogs can be worked for a much longer time. Pavi came from a line of Newfoundlands that regularly

worked and were shown until they were 12. He obtained over 20 Agility titles.



You can tailor the diet to individual needs.


Doing so is beneficial for some breeds of dogs, especially imported dogs or relatives of imported dogs, who have difficulty in digesting corn contained in the majority of prepared commercial diets.


You can also substitute individual ingredients as necessary.

Dogs are able to digest and utilize the Natural Diet.



The diet contains a lot of moisture in the natural ingredients. As a result, the dog drinks little water.


The stools produced from this diet are practically odorless and very small in size because the dog utilizes nearly everything he eats.



Young dogs raised on this diet grow more slowly than dogs raised on commercial food

consequently they also have fewer musculoskeletal problems.


Dogs love to eat it. A happy dog is a healthy dog.


4 year old Newfoundland Pavi has been fed only the home-made Natural Diet

Wendy Volhard and Newfoundland Pavi

Transferring to the Natural Diet

Unless your dog is already used to a raw diet, you need to put him on the following short-term transitional meal plan to avoid digestive upsets that may come from the switch to the Natural Diet.


Note: This diet is for a 50-pound dog. Adjust it according

to your dog’s weight. And make sure that fresh water is always available to your dog.

Now your dog is ready to follow the full Natural Diet listed in Table 18-1.

Table 18-1
Natural Diet — 50-Pound Dog

Half-day Fast in p.m.

Directions:   Breakfast - Cook the grains in the evening and let them sit overnight.  Serve the appropriate amount in the morning with the ingredients listed above.  Mix all together and serve.


Dinner – Put all the ingredients except the meat and liver into the dog bowl and mix with a cup or less of water.  Add the raw meat and liver.  Mix together and serve.