If it is a young puppy

- under 4 months of age, just miss one of its existing meals and give instead some yogurt. We advise doing this over night, so you can start on our diet the next morning.

If your dog is older:

  1. Add a small amount of NDF 2 and meat to the kibble you are feeding your dog now, and mix with water.

  2. As the week progresses, gradually increase the amount of NDF 2, meat and water, at the same time decreasing the kibble by a corresponding amount, until you have phased out the kibble.

    (If you are feeding the same meat protein for six days, you may want to feed another protein - canned mackerel, any white fish or cottage cheese - on the seventh day.)

  3. At the end of the transition period, weigh your dog.

  4. Weigh him again after four weeks. Increase or decrease the amount you feed accordingly.