Our mission as nutritional consultants is to enable dogs to thrive not just survive. We accomplish this by providing a nutritional solution that is biologically appropriate, natural, healthy and balanced. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance through rigorous assay testing. This ensures that we consistently deliver superior products every day.


All dogs worldwide live a long, healthy, more fulfilling life by applying nutrition as the solution.



  1. A Dog's Health and Happiness

    VDN fosters an environment of collaboration, responsibility and accountability in order to create a convenient, balanced, raw, pet food product that does right by the dog! We are passionate about dog nutrition and helping everyone and anyone achieve ecosystem health and wellness for their dogs. After decades in the dog nutrition and training industry, Volhard has observed and documented how an unprocessed raw diet positively impacts the dog’s physical, immune (i.e.microbiome diversity) and behavioral systems.

  2. Ethical Business Practices

    Your trust and confidence matter to us! VDN acts with absolute honesty, integrity, and fairness while maintaining the highest standards in our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers.

  3. Quality Assurance and Control

    Adhere to a human grade, locally sourced in the USA, non GMO, chemical free product selection criteria that proudly provides a variety of raw nutritional and pet food products. Our raw food is rigorously tested three times for bacteria, mold, fungi, salmonella, and E.coli.

  4. Education

    VDN encourages informed choices through daily interaction with customers and the public at large via a multitude of communication platforms demonstrating the impact of a raw, natural diet on holistic pet health. We challenge ourselves as a company to remain open minded by learning, growing and exploring new ideas as the need presents itself. We do this by understanding the science, the building blocks and the chemistry behind an unprocessed diet and a dog's anatomy and physiology. Then we share that knowledge with you!

  5. Innovation

    VDN prides itself on being an agile company that effectively and proactively identifies and adapts to the environmental, social and economic drivers of change in the health of dogs. Remember, if we observe and listen to our dogs they will tell us what they need.

  6. Relationships

    VDN believes in putting relationships first! VDN would not have been able to accomplish the current success without building relationships and partnerships both domestically and internationally. We provide personalized customer service that incorporates responsiveness, flexibility and priority because we know that our customers are each unique, their expectations are high and the need is urgent. For decades we have cultivated long term relationships with our communities, customers, consultants, veterinarians, business partners and team.