What is the difference between AM, PM and NDF2?
How would I know which to feed?

How do you prepare the food?

AM and PM food separates out the meat from the grains in two separate meals. This is used for dogs with delicate digestive systems, dogs who have been sick or who are getting old. It is easier for the dog to digest two food groups at one time, instead of 3.

Explain the way puppies are fed with AM, PM or NDF2?
How do I know how much to feed?
After they are done teething how do I figure out their meals for 3 times a day?

PUPPY FEEDING GUIDELINES  (7 weeks to 7 months through teething)


Step 1:
Weigh your puppy.

Step 2:
Double the amount of food designated for your puppy’s weight.
Example: Puppy weighs 12 lbs - feed for a 25 lb dog.

Step 3:
Feed the amount of food calculated in Step 2, four times a day.
Example: Puppy should be fed for a 25 lb dog which is 1⁄4 cup NDF2, 1⁄4 cup protein and 1⁄2 cup water. This equals 1 feeding.

Step 4:
Feed the amount identified in Step 3, four times a day; one meal at 8 am, one at noon, one at 4 pm and the last at 8 pm.
Example: Daily amount equals 1 cup NDF2, 1 cup protein and 2 cups water.

Step 5:
Weigh your dog weekly to see change and/or weight gain. Gradually increase the amount you feed as your puppy grows.
Example: Puppy’s weight increased to 20 lbs from 12 lbs at the start. You will now feed for a 40 lb dog. Follow steps above.

When the puppy is finished teething, reduce feeding to three times a day and decrease the amount slightly so the dog maintains a healthy weight.

Around 6 to 7 months, reduce to two feedings following the guidelines for the weight of your dog.


AM meal:
Mix up enough for two meals, following weight guidelines above. Feed one at 8 am and one at noon.

PM meal:
Mix up enough at 4 pm to make two meals. Feed one at 4 pm and the other at 8 pm.

Why does it have to be 80/20 ground beef?
Why not ground turkey, ground chicken, etc.

80/20 ground beef keeps the diet perfectly in balance with protein and fat. Other proteins do not.

How many calories are in one pound of NDF2?

With 80/20 ground beef:  2,172 calories
Without 80/20 ground beef:  1,020 calories

My dog has been on your food for awhile now he won't eat it with ground beef. What do I do?

You can change your protein. If you use chicken, make sure that it is fed with the skin to keep the fat content correct. If you use a protein without much fat, use butter to make up the difference. 1 Tablespoon twice a day for a 50lb dog.


Can I use your supplements with NDF2, AM, PM?

Yes, you can. These supplements were chosen to compliment the ingredients in our foods.

Is Endurance good for puppies?
If so, what age can I start using it?

Endurance is added to commercial kibble. It can be used at any age. Follow directions on package to see how much to feed.

When I feed NDF2, do I also need digestive enzymes?

If your dog has clinical needs, the answer is yes. If your dog has been fed kibble, the answer is yes, after the dog reaches 8 years old. If fed naturally, you don’t need to supplement much before 11 or 12. As dogs age, their digestive organs don’t function quite as well as they did when young. Digestive enzymes help the dog break down and digest his food more efficiently.

Can I use all of your supplements together?

Yes, you can.


Can I use NDF2, AM, PM for my cat? Would it be the same protein?

Yes, you can. Cats usually like the PM mix, mixed with chicken or turkey. Since NDF2 contains oats, cats usually don’t like it.

Is Vitamin B Complex okay for cats?

Yes, you can use the Complex for cats. Just a pinch on the food will be sufficient.


Why is your shipping so high?
How come you don't ship via US Mail?

Our shipping prices are governed by UPS and out of our control. FedX charges the same.

Why can't I pick up my food in Brandy Station?

Because it is made in Pennsylvania and shipped directly from there.

You used to ship to Canada, don't you anymore?

We have tried numerous times to get our foods into Canada. They changed their import rules and they do not want American Dog Food shipped there.

Do You Have an Autoship Program?

Yes! Learn more about Volhard Autoship


If I buy your food and my dog does not like it can I return it for a refund?

Like any company, if you open the packages, they are not refundable.


Will this food help with itching, allergies, digestion?

Yes, it will. That is why it has been formulated, clinically tested for balance and palatability

Do you have grain free food?

Yes, we will have one at the beginning of the year.

To save on costs, can I use kibble for one meal and your food for the other? If not, why?

No you can’t. This method of feeding unbalances both formulas .