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Volhard's Endurance contains dehydrated, cold-pressed amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. These micronutrients keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning even under stress providing your dog or cat with added stamina, increased energy, and vitality.

Volhard's Endurance supplement can be used as a topper for homemade/incomplete raw or processed diets such as canned wet food or kibble. Endurance can be given to both cats and dogs. Endurance helps keep the digestive tract working at high performance and replaces nutrients that may be missing in the diet or lost during the cooking process (vitamins, oils, minerals). Endurance provides all the essential amino acids needed.

Adding Endurance ensures the correct acid/alkaline balance for your pet’s digestive tract, which counteracts stress by replacing the nutrients lost in the cooking and processing of commercial dog and cat food. 

This supplement has the quality you can see and smell the moment you open the bag and serve this up. Watch your dog lick the bowl clean following this delicious treat! Our human-edible, whole food ingredients are non-GMO and preservative-free.  We utilize a single-step cold dehydration technique to ensure that top-quality raw materials are only dehydrated once, preserving essential vitamins and minerals for optimal nutritional value.



Chicken, Beef or Pork Liver Dried, Wheat Bran, Wheat Germ, Brewer’s Yeast Dried, Calcium Carbonate, Dried Apple, Calcium Phosphate, Cod Liver Oil, Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Alfalfa, Dried Kelp, Dandelion Root, Garlic, Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Ginger, Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Citric Acid, Rosemary Extract.

Build a Bowl

Every dog is special. But it’s not just their personality. Every dog has unique nutrition needs based on their breed, size, shape, activity level and many other factors. The best way to help your dog be the best version of themselves is to build a healthy, balanced bowl that’s a combination of grains, vegetables, proteins, hydrators and supplements that are specific to your pet.


When you build a bowl here at Volhard, you will start with the choice of foundation mix. For better planning, it’s helpful to think about the dog you plan to feed and their issues first. This is where you can determine the "personality" of your bowl.


Build-a-Bowl is a fun way to find out what the nutritional value is in a bowl of Volhard! Then you will be asked to add a protein for a delectable super-powered meal for your dog!

Title of the document BUILD YOUR BOWL NOW

Endurance must be introduced slowly in the diet. Start with a pinch and then work up to the total amount over a week. If your pet experiences diarrhea, just use less Endurance and slow down the introduction. Feed twice per day mixed in food.

52 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by keith orr on Jun 1st 2022

    Been using it for years with great results I am tempted to try it myself!

  • 5

    Posted by Alexa on Apr 29th 2022

    I purchased this product about a month ago and have been feeding it to my four dogs. Everyones coats look better, their teeth look great, their stools are smaller, and they are eating a little less, while maintaining their weight! I am super happy with this product and will be reordering in the future!

  • 5

    Posted by Carol Stacy on Apr 14th 2022

    I am so happy have tried Endurance for my puppy. It came recommended by my neighbor and it has been the best thing for our dog. After spending $400 plus dollars at the vet to try and find out why my dog had such a loose stool with zero results on their recommendation. I listens to my neighbor and ordered Endurance. So glad I did. He loves it and after about two days he was having solid stools. I call it his big boy poops. Highly recommend this product. I buy the 1lb bag and it lasts me 3 months. I have a 75 lb lab mix.

  • 5
    Volhard Endurance helped reduce allergies

    Posted by Betsy on Mar 31st 2022

    I started giving my dogs Volhard Endurance about a year ago. Both dogs are rescues. My younger 3 year old mixed breed has had issues with allergies - rubbing his eyes, scratching and itching. After starting Endurance these issues are significantly reduced along with simple ingredient diet. The bonus is that the dogs LOVE endurance - they hop up and down waiting for their food bowls and can't wait to eat!

  • 5
    Solved Irish Setter's Lack of Enthusiasm

    Posted by Aidan on Feb 7th 2022

    This stuff solved a year-long battle trying to get my young Irish Setter to actually eat both her meals every day. She would sometimes not eat for a whole day. Sometimes she would eat both meals. Sometimes she would eat one, and leave the other until the next day. When I began using Endurance, I also began offering her a little less at each meal. I have since ceased to worry about whether she will eat any given meal, because she is always happy to eat her whole bowl and even lick it clean. Her coat seems noticeably healthier as well, though it may just be her winter coat came in. I am so happy to have found this supplement.

  • 5
    We love it

    Posted by Rebecca on Dec 30th 2021

    This product is amazing!!! My dogs love it!!!

  • 5
    Endurance supplement

    Posted by Scott on Dec 22nd 2021

    Great product, I recently adopted a rescue dog that was in really sad shape. With the help of Endurance, in just a few weeks, she looked like a completely different dog. Skin rash, poor coat, all gone. I highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Great Supplement and the Dogs LOVE it!

    Posted by Elizabeth on Dec 7th 2021

    I have 2 dogs, both rescues. My 2 year old has always had skin issues starting with mange as a puppy. I tried another supplement and switched to Volhard. Both dogs absolutely LOVE it and cannot wait for their food bowls. I have noticed better coats and less itching.

  • 5
    Great addition to kibble

    Posted by Tiffani on Nov 1st 2021

    My dogs love the pork flavor and bonus! My super sensitive PWD is tolerating it very well. Have seen a coat and energy explosion in the dogs and cats since I started feeding it. I love that it is far easier to store than canned dog food also. Just add a little warm water and feed.

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