casestudy-250.pngVolhard Dog Nutrition is seeking clinical cases that have used Volhard Dog Nutrition diets or supplements to support the health of a dog during illness. The goal of this campaign is to use the information to help other Volhard customers, veterinarians, and technicians in using fresh, healthy and balanced nutrition in the healing and management of dogs.

Volhard Dog Nutrition intends to build a repository of case studies that include supporting veterinary documentation (lab results, testimony, etc.) and are categorized and organized by the dog’s system affected. If, after reading these case studies, you decide that you would be interested in learning more about the positive impact of Volhard Dog Nutrition, please contact

We need to capture your experience! If you have a clinical case where Volhard Dog Nutrition was used in the care/management of your dog's health concerns that you would like to share, please fill out the questionnaire and sign the release form and email all information to

  1. Complete questionnaire (pet history, clinical case information) (DOWNLOAD QUESTIONNAIRE HERE)
  2. Sign the release to use the case study on the website (DOWNLOAD RELEASE HERE)
  3. Attach copies of supporting lab work (with your personal information blacked out/removed)
  4. Attach photos of your pet to be used on the website - before and after pictures are extremely helpful
  5. Any other information you believe would be helpful

Once we receive your information, we may contact you with additional questions.

Thank you in advance for helping Volhard help as many dogs as possible.