​Myth Busting: Raw Diet Edition

​Myth Busting: Raw Diet Edition

Posted by Volhard Dog Nutrition on Mar 10th 2018

It’s not hard to find hesitant individuals when you mention a raw meat diet. It is far from a new concept, but one that has been making it’s way into the mainstream. As pet owners, we want the best for our furry family members! A complete raw diet provides a plethora of vitamins & minerals, key enzymes, and numerous health benefits! Read along as we highlight an article from Dogs Naturally Magazine, written by Tony Brierley (co-founder and chairman of Cotswold RAW) covering some main myths regarding a raw diet. 
(Link for the original article is cited at the bottom of this post)

Myth #1: A Raw Meat Diet Isn’t A Balanced Diet.

  • Raw diets don’t solely consist of meat, but a variety of foods.
  • Bones, essential fatty acids, and crucial vitamins and minerals must be a part of their diet.
  • Additional Comment: Just like humans, dogs can’t get all the necessary nutrients from one food group. Variety is a necessity.

Myth #2: Feeding Raw Meat Places Your Dog At Risk Of Salmonella.

  • Scare-tactics have caused many to disregard a raw diet, calling it unsafe.
  • A dog’s digestive system is far from equivalent to ours.
  • They have highly acidic stomachs, natural flora, digestive enzymes, and bile to help them process bacteria without upsetting their healthy balance.
  • Commercial kibbles are continuously recalled due to bacterial contaminations!
  • Kibble doesn’t consist of any of these live enzymes!
  • Additional Comment: Dogs and People are not created the same. Uncooked meat that would make us sick does not affect canines in the same way.

Myth #3: Feeding A Raw Meat Diet Is Time Consuming And Complicated.

  • Purchasing food for a raw diet for your pet is no different than grocery shopping for yourself.
  • Additional Comment: Does it take more time than putting a scoop of processed kibble into a bowl? Yes, but it doesn’t have to take a significant amount of time to prepare. A little thoughtful planning and you’ll be on your way to a raw diet!

Myth #4: Most Dog Owners Can’t Afford To Feed Raw.

  • If you’re already feeding a high priced kibble, you won’t see a drastic change in the costs.
  • Raw diets don’t have to be coupled with a high price tag. Shop out different cuts of meat; look for local farmers or butchers.
  • Additional Comment: If you’re purchasing a low-cost kibble, then it is highly likely you will see an increase in your feeding cost. Yet, your dog will live a healthier life, in turn, reducing your costs of vet bills due to illness and disease!

Myth #5: A Raw Diet Will Make Your Dog Aggressive.

  • One of the most damaging myths, pushing the concept that eating raw meat will turn your dog into a blood-thirsty monster.
  • Raw meat won’t create or worsen any behavior issues.
  • Additional Comment: If your dog is aggressive, the behavior needs to be addressed. A balanced raw diet can affect your dog’s behavior in a positive way by reducing the amount of sugar and carbs they are consuming!

Myth #6: It’s Dangerous To Give Bones To Your Dog.

  • Yes, not all bones are acceptable for dogs. Avoid small, brittle bones or bones that have been cooked.
  • Bones help to keep teeth clean, strong, and increase calcium in the diet.
  • Choose dog-safe bones, that fit your dog’s size and life stage.
  • Additional Comment: Bones in a raw meat diet can include shank bones for larger dogs, and chicken/duck necks and lamb riblets for smaller dogs. Chewing on bones will also build the muscular structure of the face.

Myth #7: A Raw Meat Diet Isn’t Suitable For Small And Toy Dog Breeds.

  • Contrary to popular belief, raw diets are not solely for working dog breeds.
  • For smaller dogs, adjust the proportions appropriately, and make sure it is served in small pieces to prevent choking.
  • Additional Comment: Large or small, all dogs need balanced nutrition!

We know from human health that nutrition is directly correlated with quality of life, weight loss/gain, energy levels, brain function, and the list goes on. This translates over into the canine world. As the raw diet makes its way into the mainstream, we continue to learn more and more about its effect on overall dog health, canine cancer, and behavior to name a few. We know that kibble is over-processed, contains an excessive amount of carbohydrates, not enough protein, is void of natural vitamins and nutrients, and is routinely recalled due to contamination. As a responsible pet owner, do your research and let’s start feeding our furry friends properly!

And remember, Nutrition is the Solution!!

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