Volhard Dog Nutrition Philanthropy

Volhard Dog Nutrition Philanthropy

Posted by Volhard Dog Nutrition on Sep 30th 2022

Volhard Dog Nutrition's Dedication to Philanthropy

Philanthropy and the pet food industry are a partnership no-brainer. Helping organizations that focus on animals and the people who love them is a fantastic way for a pet food company to give back to the communities they serve. Since 1973,  Volhard Dog Nutrition has focused on promoting the health benefits of an all-natural fresh dog food diet. Volhard Dog Nutrition works hard to ensure its culture involves a healthy dose of giving back.

Volhard Dog Nutrition is a small, family-owned fresh dog food company that has been on the national market since the 80s. Most people do not know that Volhard has had a charitable program, The Volhard Giving Program, this whole time. Volhard Dog Nutrition proudly makes its dog food, treats, and supplements in the USA using the highest quality human (food) grade dehydrated ingredients, both preservative-free and non-GMO. Volhard’s nationwide distribution footprint recently expanded to include Bermuda Volhard Dog Nutrition ships wholesome, premium, biologically appropriate food delivered directly to a customer’s doorstep. Volhard has been displacing and revitalizing the dog food market as we know it since 1973.

Brian and Lisa Berg, the owners of Volhard Dog Nutrition since 2018, believe that it is crucial to make a significant philanthropic contribution to society. They take service to the community and dogs very seriously. One of the most impactful philanthropic missions is their 501(c)(3)  Semper Fido. The mission of Semper Fido’s program is to unite wounded warriors suffering from PTSD with homeless rescue shelter dogs, which are evaluated and deemed viable, to nurture a healing and rejuvenating bond between the two. The result is a positive, nonjudgmental, unconditional relationship desperately needed by both.

Congressman Andy Kim visited our Semper Fido campus to meet our team, a few veterans we've served, and their dogs.

Brian and Lisa Berg own and operate two other dog-related businesses in Marlton, NJ, in addition to Volhard Dog Nutrition.  K9 Basics Dog Training is the largest dog training facility in New Jersey, and Clif Wyck Farms Kennels provides dog boarding and doggy daycare services.

A Little Bit About the Other Businesses Brian and Lisa Berg Own

K9 Basics is a dog training company based in Marlton, NJ. They specialize and take pride in giving their clients an obedient and well-mannered pet with off-leash control, even when in the heaviest of distractions. Their training is unlimited; clients should expect nothing less than an outstanding dog. Dog owners work at their own pace and are not limited in the number of training sessions they can attend. Through their personalized training program, you will gain a confident, obedient, and well-mannered dog.

At Clif Wyck Farms Kennels, they believe that our pets are not only our very loyal friends but are also family members. They understand how stressful the boarding experience can be to a pet faced with a new environment, unfamiliar people, noises, and scents.s Clif Wyck Farms Kennels treat their boarders with the special love and attention they deserve. The staff at Clif Wyck Farms Kennels make every effort to ensure that a pet’s stay is extra special. They treat each one as if they were their own and provide them with the best care and surroundings.

Now that you know Brian and Lisa better let’s talk about their efforts to give back to the community through generous donations, experience, and action.

The Bergs Give Back to the Community in Several Ways!

  • They sponsor events that meet the company’s mission to keep dogs healthy.
  • They donate about (50) 20 lb bags a year to local police K9 teams.
  • They give 1,000 lbs of raw protein to local police K9 units yearly to help feed the Volhard diet at no cost to them.
  • They give donations to every good cause that approaches them (they have never turned anyone away).
  • They provide support for a wide number of not-for-profit organizations. For example, Semper Fido gets (25) 20 lb bags of Volhard dog food a year for the participant dogs.
  • They actively campaign for causes they believe in.
  • They actively appropriate money and do research in canine nutrition to further the appropriate feeding of dogs as resources are available
Brian Berg with donation recipient Amanda Kurg
From left to right, Brian Berg with Amanda Kurg, donation recipient representing Anna’s Angel Rescue, Anniston, AL.

What Makes Brian and Lisa’s Philanthropy Different From Other Companies?

Most companies will promise to make their donations as a percentage of sales. We all know that sales change and fluctuate. Regardless of how well the company performs at any given time, Brian and Lisa fulfill their donation promises. At times, this would be larger than a static percentage.

Also, they feel that many companies talk about their charitable donations and show many pictures but don’t substantiate their contributions with hard facts. The Bergs prefer to play down their charitable giving and to provide actual figures when asked.

A Snapshot of the Volhard Giving Program

Brian and Lisa’s commitment to making complete, balanced, and high-quality canine diets and supplemental products helps to support pets, people, and communities in need. They are proud to have donated their dog food, treats, and supplements to more than 50 organizations across the continental U.S.

Event Sponsorship

Volhard Dog Nutrition will consider sponsorship of pet or pet-related events. Organizations can request monetary support, dog food, samples, or giveaways*. They may occasionally sponsor a large pet-related event located outside these locations if the resources are available. This past year in 2022, they sponsored two events outside the area mentioned above: The US Canine Biathlon in Gadsden, Alabama, and the Healthy Dog Expo in Albany, NY.

A core belief of our companies is that we have an obligation to make a difference,” said Brian Berg, Chief Executive Officer of Volhard Dog Nutrition. “The Volhard Dog Nutrition Giving Program formalizes our enduring commitment to do our part towards creating a better world. We are proud to give what we do to help ensure the dogs are best cared for and thrive, not just survive every day.”

As stated, the Volhard Giving Program is not the first philanthropic effort for the company’s owners. In 2016, when Brian and Lisa took over the company, they immediately began donating as needed. The Giving Program is evolving and changing to meet the current needs, so we recommend keeping an eye on Volhard Dog Nutrition as it works to give back: it’s a company to support! For more advice on dog nutrition, health, and training, make sure that you contact us and check out our blog!

Volhard Dog Nutrition and its expert nutritionists are now offering online consultations to help more dog parents discover why, what, and how to feed their dogs the healthiest of foods! Speaking to a Volhard nutritionist will help you understand the inseparable relationship between healthy food, a healthy body, and a healthy mind. If you're interested in contacting one of our Volhard nutritionists, don't hesitate to access our consultation page!

*Note: Brian and Lisa consider supporting events serving pets in communities within 50 miles of the New Jersey headquarters or one of their manufacturing locations.