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Endurance (c)

$25.00 - $95.00
Endurance contains dehydrated, cold pressed amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidents. These macronutrients keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning even under stress providing your dog or cat with added stamina,...

Vitamin B Complex Powder (c)

Our B-Complex supplement is different than any other product on the market because it mimics the ratio of B vitamins found in liver. We added just a little more B-1 (Thiamine) to help your dog repel fleas and ticks. However, that is not all B-Complex...

Digestive Enzymes (c)

Older dogs and cats benefit greatly from the addition of enzymes because, as their digestive tracts age, they digest food less efficiently. Digestive Enzymes are a powerful supplement where a little goes a long way. Ingredients:Duck flavor, Bacillus...

Veggie Pak (c)

Plain or Pork Flavor. Pork flavor is made with 100% Freeze Dried Pork Liver. Fresh. Healthy. Undeniably delicious. Just like us, dogs should eat a variety of fresh vegetables with their meals. Whether home-prepared or purchased, high quality whole food...

Myristin (c)

Myristin is Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) and is one of the most effective products for hip and joint disorders in dogs.  It works for any pain in joints, rheumatism and general aging of the musculoskeletal system.   In 10 days you will notice...

Krill Oil (c)

3 oz. bottle Do you cook your dog’s meals but need to add a healthy fat? Or, are you trying to make your kibble more nutritious by adding a good quality fat? Volhard Krill Oil Liquid Supplement for Dogs & Cats allows you to add a quality...

System Saver (c)

System Saver is an herbal anti-inflammatory, which contains frankincense, green tea, turmeric and orange peel flavonoids. It is effective for hip dysplasia, arthritis, tendonitis, dermatitis, auto-immune and degenerative disorders, inflammatory bowel and...

Coconut Oil (c)

Keep your dog and cat looking and feeling their best with Volhard Coconut Oil. Made with specially harvested and 100% organic coconuts, this all-natural supplement is a safe and effective solution to skin and stomach issues and will leave your dog and...