Melissa Robertson


Melissa Robertson is a mom of 2 young children, and she lives in Canada with their cat Willow. She has been working in the raw pet food space in Canada for 10 years. From founding a raw pet food company, to working as the Director of Operations for a group of raw pet food companies, to working as the Director of Nutrition for numerous raw pet food brands as well as supplement brands. Her passion is nutrition both for our companion animals, as well as their humans. She truly believes we are either feeding the disease process or fighting it. “Digestion is easy on the body, provided we are eating what we are designed to eat. Dis ”ease” comes from the consumption of foods that cause stress and strain on the digestive system. Our companion animals do not have the discernment to be able to decide what foods help them, and what foods hinder them. That’s where we come in – ready and willing to help you every step along the way.”
Melissa is wonderfully credentialled and fully capable of providing sound guidance to our Volhard clients.
  • AHC (Ayurvedic Health Consultant) – American Institute for Vedic Studies
  • AYTT (Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher/Trainer) – At The Core, in collaboration with American Institute for Vedic Studies
  • Certified Pet Nutrition Coach – North American Veterinary Community (NAVC)
  • Raw Feeding Specialist
  • MLT (Medical Lab Technician) – Westervelt College
  • BScN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) – Lakehead University
We’re excited to see Melissa apply her extensive nutritional experience, knowledge of Chinese Medicine, understanding raw diet formulation and health science education to provide guidance on a higher quality nutritional path for our dogs. When you sign up for a consultation you might just get Melissa on the other end of the phone to help you with your dogs!