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My name is Joanne and my husband and I have a 3 yr old Goldendoodle, Lulu, whom we adore. A couple of months ago we were having an issue with Lulu chewing her paws to the point that they were raw and bloody.

We took her to our Vet near home on Long Island and without bloodwork they decided it was allergies (without any kind of testing or bloodwork) and so they put her on a "Prescription Hypoallergenic" dog food that was expensive and made the poor dog poop yellow and lil pellets. Now mind you she is 70lbs and this shouldn't be. The problem continued and broke my heart to a point that I felt defeated and so I then took her to a "Holistic" Vet 1 1/2 hours away because we will do anything for our fur babies right? Well he said the same thing about the allergies, did no blood work either, but gave us now a different food and now between 600 and 1,000 dollars we have spent.

I was keeping rubber booties on her and I even tried the big cone on her and still nothing.

We had plans to go on a vacation that we had planned and of course leaving our fur baby with K9 Basics / Clif Wyck Farms Kennels in Marlton, NJ. We got there started the boarding paper work and with my issues and concerns we needed to speak with Lisa who is one of the owners...... Well she gave us her full attention for over an hour, listened and watched me cry because of frustration and feeling defeated and then she helped come up with a solution to change Lulu's food completely. We switched her to the Volhard Natural diet; she is now eating the NDF2 food and the raw beef. It is AMAZING! Lulu's whole disposition has gotten livelier and her NOSE is actually WET. Her paws are completely healed and no more licking or chewing! Thank God for Lisa and her food change suggestion and by her suggestion, I use organic Apple cider vinegar for her paws when she is finished playing in the yard & I spray them always religiously.

I can't say just how thankful we are to Lisa for all that she has done for our girl Lulu

Joanne, Joe & Lulu

Long Island, NY

Lulu Before Volhard Dog Nutrition

Lulu After Volhard Dog Nutrition

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Dear Wendy,

We recently transitioned our elderly lab (15 yo) Smokey to your NDF2 food. We couldn't be more pleased. The transition was easy and Smokey has adjusted well to her new diet. In fact, she eats much more readily now than she had for some months. We were beginning to worry about her lack of enthusiasm for food - odd for a lab. But now she goes right to her eating place when she's hungry, and looks up to tell me it's time for another bowlful. She eats and eats (we feed her 3 times a day) until she's full. We no longer have to coax her to eat, or try different little tricks. So we're very pleased to see her enthusiasm and to know that she's eating an excellent diet now.

I cook and add either beef (ground) or chicken (cut up) or eggs (scrambled). She likes a bit of variety.

Thanks again for a great product. All the best - Corine Bickley

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img_0710 img_0716 Zoe

I wanted to let you know that with the advice of Cheri Lucas, I put all 3 of our dogs on your NDF2. We have two GSD's and one Standard Poodle. All three dogs came from Cheri's "Second Chance at Love" rescue. The newest GSD was put on a raw diet by Cheri when she was boarded for rehabilitation. Her owner kept her on NDF2 and I chose to keep her on it when ownership of the GSD was transferred to me. That is when I put the other two dogs on NDF2. The older GSD, a female, is nearly 12 and I have noticed improvement in her energy level. She has arthritis and hip dysplasia and mechanically has trouble walking. Her added energy allows her, even with her poor mechanics, to mostly keep up with the two younger dogs.

The absolutely astounding development and the reason for my writing is that the poodle, Jean-Luc, who has had seizures for the last four years, stopped having seizures when he went on the NDF2. His diet is THE ONLY thing that has changed. He is on the same anti-seizure medications as well as extra Omega 3 but suddenly, no more seizures. I realize he is a sample of one but there is no other explanation for the change. I am ecstatic and overwhelmed that switching to a raw diet changed his brain chemistry so much that it eliminated his idiopathic seizures -- a seizure, even on meds, every 2-3 weeks. It has now been nearly 4 months since I switched to raw food and Jean-Luc shows no sign of having a seizure. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Jean-Luc (1) Jean-Luc (2) Jean-Luc (cropped)


Oliver is running like a well oiled machineHere's a picture of my Oliver taken two weeks ago. He will be 15 years old on Dec. 12th. As an aside: he has never had a professional teeth cleaning, either, and has (pretty) good breath and minimal tartar. I had to stop giving him raw bones though because he fractured a tooth. Before I switched him to Volhard at age 5 he was an allergic mess and had stomach troubles. His skin and coat is in better shape at his age than most dogs we know and he never smells bad unless he rolls in something gross. And like I said--he just got his CBC results back and he is running like a well oiled machine. All levels were smack in the normal range!

Jenny Seeche

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Jolie has clear eyes, a beautiful coat, and is often mistaken for half her age

My dog, Jolie, has been on the Volhard diet since she was 6 months old. There were no health issues that spurred the switch - it was just an obviously superior way to feed a friend, more in line with how I feed myself.

Now at 13.5 years, Jolie has clear eyes, a beautiful coat, and is often mistaken for half her age. In September, she joined me on a 30-mile, 4-day backpacking trip. Thought she slept hard every night, she walked the distance with ease.

Thanks for many years of excellent dog health!

Mikenzie & Jolie

(Above photo is of Jolie enjoying the William O. Douglas Wilderness in Washington State)

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Volhard Distributor, Sandy Stokes received the following message from Zeus' owner:

Golden Retriever Zeus recovered from skin problems, seizures, and ear infections Thank you for your advice about my Golden Retriever. This is our second try with this breed. The first didn't end so happily. Swiper only lived 8 years and had endured years of skin problems, seizures and ear infections. We were told by several vets that these dogs just have problems. We bought Zeus in 2010, and as he reached 2 years old, we noticed the same conditions in his skin and ears. I was determined I would not go down this same path again. We loved this dog and he was a major part of my children's lives and I couldn't bear to part with a second dog. I decided I would contact a dear friend who might offer some hope. When I contacted Sandy Stokes she told me about Volhard Dog Nutrition, and I was very skeptical giving my dog such an expensive food with additional costs of raw meat. I did some research and there is a lot of controversy, but my options were limited. I purchased the first bag and within 10 days, his skin began to clear up. He went 6 months without an ear infection. The one that he has had was attributed to the bath when we forgot our cotton balls. I took him to the vet for his ears and told him of this diet. The vet was very concerned about this approach. He couldn't argue with Zeus' results. His weight was on target and his skin had completely cleared up. He now has a full covering of fur on his belly and not a single ear infection. When we walk him, strangers stop us to tell us how beautiful he is. I am so thankful for this product. I believe Volhard Dog Nutrition saved his life and because of it, our family can look forward to many more years of a beautiful, healthy dog.

Sharon Powers, M.S., CCC-SLP

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Betty Dog

Black lab Betty Dog recovered from excessive scratching, shedding, and bleeding"Endurance is such an incredible product. Betty Dog was scratching constantly and losing hair. I know the Labrador breed sheds, but, I realized this was not normal. I also knew Betty Dog was very unhappy. Endurance was recommended to me by Sandy Stokes and I bought it immediately. Honestly, within 2 weeks, Betty Dog was growing her hair back, shedding less and the best part, not scratching as much. Her neck was no longer bleeding from the constant scratching and she was content. I truly believe in this product and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to maintain their dog's (and cat's) wellbeing; externally, internally and mentally."

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing your thoughts about Endurance. We are so glad that Betty Dog is reaping the benefits!

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Bella Edwards

Bella EdwardsBella was born out of a healthy litter of 4, 3 survived.

After breeding both dogs, the male contracted “dog show crud”, which is a overgrowth of bacteria in the digestive tract, and passed with in 3 days of onset. The female was in constant contact with this male. She was treated with 250 mg ceflexin 3x a day for a week to clear any possibilities of her contracting the illness. She was 4 weeks pregnant at that time. The litter was born on time and with no problems, except for the loss of one puppy. One male, Cooper, 2 Females, Bella and unknown name of other puppy. The unknown named puppy was parrot mouthed at birth and I wanted to put her down. I had a friend who was adamant that she wanted this puppy. I knew of the life time of health problems that was going to be ahead of them. Bella was a extremely noisy puppy from day one. Cooper was the perfect puppy. Both Bella and Cooper are my dogs. At 6 months of age, I had her spine x-ray'd and it showed that she had a spine of a 10 year old dog, and she was only 6 months. She was blind in one eye, and the other eye she has 25% sight in it. Her head is about 1/3 the size smaller than it should be for the size of her body. These problems, to me, were all caused by the virus that the mother dog was exposed to while pregnant.

The puppies had their protocol of shots. Since then they have been titered and still have full titers at 8 years of age.

The original food that I was feeding them was Nutro. I changed to several different foods per the vets request. They insisted that her issues were flea related. She was the only dog out of my 4 that ever had fleas. They would be crawling all over her and none of the other dogs even had one. After having several years of terrible health issues with her and a nasty nasty attitude towards people and dogs, I had to do something besides what the vet was having me do. She had literally no hair from her shoulders back to her tail. She would chew it off, and to protect herself from her own demise, I would keep jackets on her. The hair would start to grow in and the middle black patch on her back has totally different hair. It is thin and wiry. The white on her rear end was thick and puffy. Her shoulders and head were typical shih-tzu straight hair. She was living on cortisone shots to relieve her skin issues. All she did was lick chew and dig at her body. In 2007 I was invited to attend Wendy Volhards Nutrition Seminar in Virginia. I was desperate to help her and was at the point that I tried everything the vets had suggested to me to do. After attending the first seminar I knew that I was changing her diet to this food, and because there was someone on the other end of a phone line that I could call with any questions pertaining to any changes with her. I did make several phone calls to the Volhards, but not calls that were of concern. They were of pure delight that my dog was improving, and improving drastically. Within 30 days of her diet being changed, she actually started to grow her own hair on her back and was not chewing constantly. For years she had a “rat tail”, and was also growing hair on her tail.

As far as changes in attitude and aggression issues that I had with her, they were off the chart as far as dog aggression. She would act as though nothing was bothering her, and then totally explode into a rage of biting and barking. There were no indicators that she was going to launch into an attack like a piranha. When this 10 lb dog would attack a 100 pound dog and shake it with the fierceness that a lion is killing its prey, there is something wrong. All dogs would stay away from her at all times.There was no dog that was safe around her, because she would bite them all. With in the first 30 days, I actually saw a calmness in her eyes that I had never seen before with her. With in 60 days she was a totally different dog. She would snuggle with who she was sitting with and not pace the floor in anxiety over nothing. I contintued to feed this food for a year. Then I thought, well its not the food that made her better, its that I am actually paying closer attention to her and her issues. I stopped feeding her the NDF2 for about 9 months. She was totally crashing before my eyes. Neighbors would comment because her back was always bloody and she was back to her nasty attitude self. At that point I called and ordered the NDF2 food again, to prove to myself that it was truly an issue with her not getting the proper nutrition for her. We, the vets and my family truly considered putting her down due to the risk of her biting someone or another dog again. But I gave her one more chance and started the diet again. Before my eyes, Bella changed again. The vets and myself were in total awe that just a 30 day change of food made this much difference in the life quality of my dog. She was acting like a shih-tzu should act. I first was using just grocery store 80/20 beef and found that it was not right for her. I now use Blue Ridge Beef for all of my dogs with their food. At times I would run out of the beef that I ordered and would pick up grocery store beef, well, my dogs would not touch the food. When a dog will not eat beef from the grocery store, that told me that there were more things in the beef than just beef.

This food change for my dog has been life changing for myself and my family. It has opened my eyes to what actually goes into the processing and production of diets that we feed our family pets. I will feed my dogs nothing less than what I would feed myself.

Today, Bella is a totally well adjusted to life shih-tzu and it is solely due to a proper nutritional diet being fed to her. She runs free with packs of dogs at daycare and at the park. I have no worries about what she is going to do to another dog that outweighs her 10 to one. She comes into my salon that I own and greets clients daily. That was something that she could do as a puppy, but as time went on, I was afraid of her biting and she stayed at home away from anyone that she would bite. She is now back in the salon full time as our official door greeter and extremely happy. She is also flea free with no chemicals being added to her to “protect her” from fleas, ticks or heart worms. The yard is also not treated with anything due to living on the inter-coastal waterway and being surrounded by fields and sand. I have run all titers on all of my dogs every year and all come back as full coverage and also with the heart worm titer. I have not given any of my dogs heart worm preventive since they were 6 months old. The Clumber Spaniel is almost 6, the shih-tzus are 8, and the Irish Red and White Setter is just under a year old.

The health and well being of my dogs is most important to me, so I will always be feeding my dogs now and in the future Wendy Volhard’s diet. It has also made me more aware of the food that I put in my body.

Thank you to Wendy and her entire program that my dog Bella is still alive and a happy dog running free with my pack of dogs. She is as healthy and fits in to society today because of Wendy.

Bella is also now a therapy dog that visits local nursing homes. That is something that would have never been something that would have even crossed my mind with her.

Christy Edwards

Jimmy the Clumber Spaniel
Bella and Cooper the Shih-tzus
Bahloo the Irish Red and White Setter
Wilmington, North Carolina


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After the death of our German Shepherd, Kavit of cancer we began to look for another GSD. After a few weeks we contacted GSD rescue from the suggestion of a good friend. A local lady in Virginia Beach had just rescued a young black GSD from the pound. We went and played with him and immediately decided to adopt. If you had a ball in your hand you had his undivided attention. Throw it and he immediately retired it and brought it back to you. Sitting beside you looking up waiting for you to throw it again. A few days later he was neutered and come hone with us. He was all black with a small patch of white on his chest. We got pictures of him and got limited registration in AKC and UKC and we named him Kempsville's Midnight Sky, with a call name of Skyler.

Shortly after we got him, we found his breeder. He was 8 months old and bred from Chex/German lines.

We had been to Volhard camps for several years and we took him to their first camp at Graves Mountain Lodge.

He was an extremely energetic dog with high drive. He had a dislike of our white female standard poodle so he remained crated while we were gone.

On September 23, 2002 we came home from dinner and all went out into the yard. I noticed that he was wildly pulling up grass by the roots and eating it. Not a normal behavior for him. We came into the house and he wanted to play catch the ball. After a few minutes of play he wanted out again. Again I saw him pulling up more grass and called him back in the house where is drank water, at this time I checked his abdomen which was normal. He rested a while and again wanted out and was still pulling up grass wildly. He came in the house and started wildly licking the floor-this time I checked his abdomen again and it was distended-I thumped his abdomen and it sounded like a drum. Within a few minutes he was on his way to the ER vet since it was now about 9:00pm. Once he was examined he was being prepped for surgery-gastric torsion! Fortunately, he was only 90% and a grastroplexy was done. I feel very lucky to have known the symptions.

When he came home I called Wendy and told her what had happened, he had been on PHD, but she told me to get him on her natural foundation diet with digestive enzymes. The next day it was ordered and he was started on it immediately.

Prior to this event, he had nasty loose stools which I would catch him eating. Now he has normal healthy stools and will be 10 years old this April 17. I am so thankful that my husband and I had been to the Volhard's camp several times. Jack and Wendy are so knowledgeable and approachable.

We recently got a 9 week Standard Poodle puppy and within a couple of weeks he was switched from the kibble that he had been on to Wendy's natural foundation diet and is doing very well on it. Skyler is very tolerant of his new housemate.

Skyler is one of the most intelligent problem solving and obedient dog that we have ever had. We are so blessed to have this beautiful dog in our home. Especially, since we could have lost him at 16 months to bloat.

Kaye Comninaki

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Buddy and Ozgood

Buddy and Ozgood Ozgood, our Rottweiler, has been on the Volhard Natural Diet since bringing him home 3-4-2004 @ 7 wks. I began by preparing his meals myself then in the Fall of 2007 , tried the NDF 2 formula & have used it ever since. He is truly a beautiful athletic specimen! He is crazy flexible, & has wonderful energy. People cannot believe he is 7. Oh, & did I mention how much he LOVES TO EAT. He averages ~ 6 miles of walking/ hiking per day & enjoys fishing & swimming in the summer months. And Buddy, our rescue dog from Puerto Rico, shadows Ozgood everywhere he goes! These dogs truly love each other & are completely satisfied ( & hopefully grateful! Ha ) for their great nutrition! Thank you Volhard Nutrition!

Your friends in the North ( Boston ). Kathleen & Shawn White

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Windsor Renner

Your NDF has done a miracle with my 5-y.o. sheltie, Windsor. I've been struggling for quite some time trying to get weight off him. He's been fed a raw diet since we adopted him 4 years ago, and slowly started to put on weight. None of my other dogs, including two shelties and a GSD) have a weight problem on the same exact diet. I tried a variety of diets and portions to help him lose the weight, but nothing helped. I even, in desperation, went to a commercial weight management kibble but to no avail. His weight would not budge no matter what I fed him. Then, I ordered your NDF2 and, after a month on that he had lost 6 oz. I should have been happy with SOME weight loss, but I was still frustrated b/c it seemed to me that it should be more. So, as a last resort, I tried your NDF with the AM porridge and PM crumble because I saw an obscure reference to the possibility that weight loss resistance can be tied to the mixing proteins and carbs in the same meal. Voila!!!!! He has lost 3 lbs. so far, dropping from 24 to 21 lbs. I am ecstatic, not only because of his weight loss, but b/c we are able to do this while he's eating a totally natural diet and good size portions for him. He is not starving by any means, and the weight has finally started to come off. A million thanks to you for this superb product.

Rose Renner (and Windsor the Sheltie)

Blooming Grove, NY

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Fine Tuned

Happy Valentine's Day from the grateful clients from Florida (and fellow IACP members)!:) We were introduced to Wendy's terrific products thanks to both Martin Deeley and Sandy Stokes.

We use Wendy's Endurance and Tummy Tonic with our own dogs and also dogs that come to our Board and Train program and want to thank you for both the products and outstanding customer service! Thank you from us and from our happy and healthy dogs! :)

Kindest Regards,

Lexi Hayden



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Beanie is the bottom right hand corner of the picture

About five-months ago, Cheri Lucas introduced my family to Volhard. I just wanted to reach out and say how happy I am that I found you! I regularly purchase your #10 bag of Volhard for my ten-year old dog, a Welsh Corgi named Beanie. Before I switched Beanie from kibble to Volhard, I had been looking for alternatives because a specialist told me that Beanie is allergic to gluten. He itched constantly, and bit his paws to the point of bleeding. We changed him to a kangaroo kibble, a special formula prescribed by his vet. I still wasn't satisfied, because Beanie quickly got tired of this kibble. Cheri told us more about Volhard and I've never looked back since.

Beanie had never been a food-driven dog, he usually ate 1/4 of his serving and wasn't even interested in dog treats. Since starting this food, his appetite has suddenly appeared! I am not exaggerating when I say that people do not believe he is ten. He looks half his age, and continues to be happy and healthy. I know that Volhard is a huge factor in his health and I just wanted to tell you thank you. I also have a 15-year old Chihuahua on this diet, and he has similar results -- his allergies are also gone, his bowel movements are now consistent and healthy, his arthritis has considerably improved, and his eye sight seems to be slightly better!!

Thank you for dedicating your career to this wonderful product; I believe in investing my time and money into quality food, and I believe my dogs deserve the same.

Valentina Cardenas

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From Brian Agnew, our VDN distributor in Los Angeles.

Sampson before

Sampson after

Christine came to Brian with SAMPSON asking for advice. SAMPSON was found on the streets of HOUSTON, TX suffering from renal failure and put into a veterinary practice where he was rescued by Christine. He had no appetite. Brian advised that first SAMPSON be put on Endurance and water for a couple of days, and then as his appetite improved, NDF2 with lots of water to encourage urination. After a week, less water was added to the food until it was of normal consistency. He also had vitamin B complex mixed in. He was walked 10 minutes three times every day at first, and then, as his strength was gained, put onto a treadmill for 15 minutes. Slowly as he built up, he was introduced to a pack walk of 30 minutes a day. The damage was extensive, with his feet splayed out and he was walking on his hock joints. He had a lot of teeth missing. Slowly over the month and excellent care by Christine he improved as can be seen from the 2nd picture.

The second picture is of SAMPSON after one month being built up by NDF2.

After Sampson's full recovery Christine eventually found him a permanent home.

The ironic part of this story is that the consulting veterinarian decided that raw food was not good for SAMPSON and persuaded HIS NEW OWNER not to feed it any more.

We can only hope THE NEW OWNER will go back to doing what was obviously the best thing for Sampson and feed him the balanced raw diet.

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